12 Original Colombian pieces for Flute and Guitar

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Colombia is a tropical country in which Amerindian, Hispanic and African cultures

converged, generating a phenomenon of intense cultural interaction throughout the centuries; this allowed our music and dances to develop great diversity as they settled into the different regions of the country. In our book we wish to highlight several important Colombian genres hoping this will help flutists rhythmic awareness and knowledge of genres grow stronger and richer.

Flutists will feel the benefits of playing with a guitar and percussion accompaniment specially written to bring forth the various characters of Colombian styles. The interaction between flute and guitar in these pieces aims to train proper musical reflexes, by gradually improving intonation, technique and musicianship.

This book of pieces should also increase the performer’s recognition of basic tonal harmonic regions, as it brings out the musical wealth offered by Colombia’s musical diversity, making it accessible to flutists of all ages.

“The Flute Method by Carmen Liliana Marulanda, based on Colombia’s musical traditions, offers the most complete, natural and integral work for the flute that I have encountered in recent years. The technical and musical development of this method is gradually integrated into the learning of rhythms, melodies and phrasing typical of Colombian music, which makes their study a challenging, fun and satisfying work, all at once. The number of genres presented in this work is considerable, allowing the flutist to immerse himself or herself naturally in an important musical culture of the South American Continent.

The recorded accompaniments to this method are very well executed and properly recorded and serve as strong rhythmic and musical bases for the flutist to understand and interpret with certainty this beautiful music from Colombia. It is with great pleasure that I recommend this method to anyone wishing to learn about the music from Colombia and Latin America in general”.


"Introducing her delightful methods, solos, and duos to our flute students, Carmen presented a workshop that drew on her extensive expertise in Colombian musical styles, rhythms, and forms. As she led us through her original studies and compositions, we learned about Andean musical traditions, while honing skills in reading lively and often complex rhythms. Carmen was informative and entertaining - we thoroughly enjoyed her workshop!

Wendy Rolfe -Berklee College of Music

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This book is an eloquent collection of studies for flute, guitar and percussion based on Colombian genres.

The ingenuity of this work, in addition to the varied musical content, is the presentation: all the musical accompaniments are pre-recorded on CD, giving the flute student direct access to the original style of each region. Uniting teaching and composition, this work represents one of the newest musical trends, where the dialogue between composer and tradition is partnered with educational values.

Paul Desenne