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About Us

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About LonMark Germany

Within the LonMark Germany association, there are different companies, institutes and individuals organized together all working with LON-technology. The common aim of the association is to promote LON-technology on the market, to support its distribution and to further develop the association.  LonMark Germany follows all requirements under German law regarding associations.

About LON

LON or LonWorks is a technology used for the neutral exchange of data between different devices. LON integrates all devices which are involved in the data exchange into one system. This system can include several different types of devices and applications.

LON is premised on the following standards:


  • ISO/IEC 14908 – international

  • EN 14908 – Europe

  • CEA-709/CEA-852 – USA

  • GB/Z 20177-1-2006 – China


With LON, you are able to realize connected automation systems in a very easy way. Local networks use wire or wireless devices as a communication medium. With the internet, you are able to easily connect widely dispersed devices.

LON-devices are generally interoperable. Devices from different manufacturers work together, including different generations. Changes or upgrades within the system are easily made.

The LON technology standard includes all the different elements that are needed for the development, installation, monitoring and the controlling of a network with different devices.


LON is in fact, the standard for the building automation industry.  With LON you are able to connect all technical systems and devices, across all sectors thereby achieving a very energy efficient solution. LON-building automation improves a building’s economic efficiency, functionality and comfort; it provides low life cycle costs resulting in a very pleased customer base.

Additional areas of use include street and outside lighting, smart metering for industry as well as many other sectors.

The internet of things opens a whole new world of possible usage areas for LON, globally and across all sectors.

LonMark International

LonMark Germany is part of a global network of similar organizations. The LonMark affiliates situated in different countries and regions and the globally acting, LonMark International and its members, work closely together.

Range of services

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General Information about LON

LonMark Germany keeps you up to date about LON-technology and its application areas. We gladly provide further information and bring you in contact with companies, institutes or experts that work with LON-technology.

Training and qualifications

Within the scope of Lon Mark’s qualification program, individuals and companies have the possibility to purchase qualifications which then may be adapted to the requirements of the market.

Training course “automate with LON”

The foundation of the qualification concept is the training course, “automate with LON”. It is carried out by training facilities which are certified by LonMark Germany.

LonMark Germany professional

Whoever passes the training successfully, including a theoretical and practical examination, achieves a certificate making them a LonMark Germany professional. These professionals then have a systematic, multi vendor qualification for automating with LON-technology, focusing upon building automation systems.

Registered specialist company by LonMark Germany

Companies which employ certified specialists are able to register at LonMark Germany for the title, “Registered specialist company by LonMark Germany”.

The registration is free of charge and may easily be completed using the online form located on the website at: www.lonmark.de.

Services for Members

LonMark Germany cultivates the LON-technology market by providing very intensive press work, trainings and qualification programs, cooperation in standardization bodies and the development of LON-technology.

LonMark Germany offers you a platform for cooperation and communication. Through working groups, joint booth stands at trade fairs as well as co-sponsored events. With LonMark Germany, you will find partners who want to collaborate with you.

LonMark Germany supports your marketing. You can present yourself with well-priced articles and contributions in our LonMark Germany magazine. Additionally, you are present on one of the most important and most visited European LON-technology websites: the information portal www.lonmark.de.

LonMark Germany works in an international network; we keep in close contact with LonMark international and other local LonMark organizations.

This facilitates your access to new, international markets.


LonWorks Installation Handbook (3rd edition)

The LonWorks Installation Handbook provides a practical introduction to decentralized LonWorks...

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