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LOTOS Oil is part of one of the largest stock-listed companies - LOTOS  Group S.A. The Company specializes in the production and distribution of lubricating oils as well as lubricating greases and car care products. Oils provided by the LOTOS Oil company are a synonym of tested quality and modern solutions complying with strict quality and technological standards.  Direct access to oil bases manufactured by the LOTOS Group in Gdańsk guarantees reproducible and always the highest quality of the products offered.

LOTOS Group S.A.  acquires part of the oil it processes at the Gdańsk refinery from its own deposits in the Baltic Sea.

For many years, the company has been delivering specialized lubrication and oil solutions to recipients in all continents. Our reputation is confirmed by thousands of joint research and implementation projects involving important manufacturer of engines, turbines and mining equipment. They include, among others,  Kia, Alstom, Siemens, Famur .

The Company's industrial offer includes a full range of gear, hydraulic, turbine and machine lubricants as well as industrial greases.

LOTOS engine lubricants are products created without technological compromise, ideally tailored to the recommendations of engine manufacturers and drivers' expectations. In Poland, LOTOS Oil  has been cooperating closely with Kia Motors Polska in the development of modern engine lubricants for many years.

The TURDUS and TURDUS Powertec lines are intended for professional users. These oils meet the requirements and have been approved by leading engine manufacturers: Man, Scania, MB and Volvo. Road transport develops every year, which results in a growing interest in engine oils that would make it possible to extend the periods between checkups and reduce vehicle maintenance costs. TURDUS oils meet such requirements.

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In search of new possibilities for development, the company develops the production of processor oils - plasticizers on a systematic basis. In 2011, the company became one of the leading suppliers of modern TDAE plasticizers, also outside Europe. They find application, among other things, in tyre manufacturing in several European factories of global tyre and synthetic rubber manufacturers in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia and Germany.

These are TDAE and RAE class products offered under the names QUANTILUS T50 and QUANTILUS 60. Both products comply with the requirements of the EU regulation concerning the registration of chemicals, the so-called REACH. These products have been approved by global tyre manufacturing corporations.

Quality and technology

The launch of each new lubricating agent is preceded by tests and research. Both when they concern new products and when we select them for devices used by our Clients.

Activities of our specialized LOTOS Oil Service is another aspect of our cooperation with partners from various countries. Each of our commercial partners and oil users has unlimited access to consulting services provided by our experts from the Development Office and the Oil Service. In this way, we have been solving even the most complex problems together connected with machine operations and introducing new solutions for many years.

The strategic cooperation of LOTOS Oil with the Lubrizol company guarantees the highest quality of our modern products.

The entire manufacturing process is included in the Quality Management System ISO 9001. In 2008, the company signed a strategic partnership agreement with the world's oil technology leader in the area of lubricant additives - the LUBRIZOL company. LOTOS Oil is a meber of Association Technique de L'Industrie Européene des Lubrifiants. This association is open to the largest manufacturers and distributors of engine oil in Europe. The company also participates in work conducted by the ELGI: European Lubricating Grease Institute.


LOTOS Quazar K 5W-40

Latest generation, synthetic engine oil. The Hi-Tec Protection formula ensures full and continuous...

Lotos Oil Sp. z o.o. ul. Elblaska 135 80-718 Gdansk Poland +48 58/3087321 info@lotosoil.pl



The technologically-advanced UPHDO type motor oil with the lowered contents of so-called SAPS,...

Lotos Oil Sp. z o.o. ul. Elblaska 135 80-718 Gdansk Poland +48 58/3087321 info@lotosoil.pl



Synthetic motor oil of the latest generation. Developed specifically for Ford cars, where it is...

Lotos Oil Sp. z o.o. ul. Elblaska 135 80-718 Gdansk Poland +48 58/3087321 info@lotosoil.pl

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