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  • ul. Staroprzygodzka 117
  • 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski
  • Poland

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About Us

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Lubawa S.A. [a joint-stock company] fulfils the orders for uniformed services – the army, the police, the Polish border guard, the fire service, special forces as well as for the needs of the city guard and security staff. It is a recognised, significant and active participant on the market, also in the sector of occupational health and safety, protection of employees and tourism products. Lubawa S.A. is an expert in bulletproof vests, concealed vests and widely understood individual equipment of soldiers, including but not limited to ballistic helmets, uniforms, special protective clothing as well as tactical equipment and backpacks. Lubawa S.A. products work perfectly in extreme danger. Lubawa S.A. also manufactures advanced camouflage and simulation equipment, such as inflatable mock-ups or multispectral camouflage nets. Among the Lubawa S.A. products, there is also individual winter and forestal camouflage equipment for soldiers, as well as mobile camouflage for vehicles – imitating the texture of the natural environment, foliage or terrain, giving an illusion of space and providing increased protection in various environments. In the era of global terrorist threat, Lubawa S.A. offers protective measures in the form of chemical protective clothing, decontamination cabins as well as ballistic shields for vehicles, helicopters and boats. In terms of the textile business, Lubawa S.A. provides tents as well as specialised tents serving as mobile stations or bases, along with a generous selection of accessories. Pneumatic and frame tents are universal, portable and easy to use, so they work perfectly during most complex rescue and logistic operations. Thanks to the advanced technology and years of experience, the articles produced by Lubawa S.A. are of the highest quality which is confirmed by a number of certificates held by the company and, above all, by numerous satisfied customers. Cooperation with many business partners as well as scientific and research institutions in the country and abroad enables the company to deliver innovative products of the highest quality, and an individual approach to each customer allows for selecting perfectly matched solutions which fulfil the needs of the user.

Range of services

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One of the Lubawa S.A. branches of activity is processing, coating and selling fabrics and knitted fabrics to business and individual customers. Thanks to the professional processing of woven and knitted fabrics, Lubawa S.A. produces technologically advanced final product. Lubawa S.A. manufacturing plants create products used in many industries – from automotive, through medical, decorative, textile, technical, and military. Experienced professionals and ongoing cooperation with research institutes allow us to improve each of our products and expand our offer every day. Our strong point is also advanced technical facility, which allows us to constantly implement innovative solutions and enhance our offer. The offer of our coating hall includes manufacturing special mixtures for both own purposes and for further sale. We also provide mixtures with various types of rubber: natural, styrene-butadiene, chloroprene, chlorosulphonated, butyl, nitrile, EPDEM, fluoro and ECO rubber. We also provide services of coating fabrics with elastomer pastes made from solvent solution, as well as water dispersions. We coat woven fabrics of cotton, polyamide, polyester, glass, silica and ceramic, aramid fabrics and aramid knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics, unwoven fabrics, felts, etc. We produce fabrics in width of up to 160 cm and thickness of 0.17 mm (on coaters) to 5.0 mm (fabrics coated on a calender). We offer services of one or double-sided fabric coating and friction calendering on a calender, as well as creating multilayer fabric-rubber composites, calendering of the retreaded and non-retreaded extracts of width up to 150 cm and thickness of 0.25 to 5 mm with the use of the latest non-impregnating rubber coating of fabrics, which is much more ecological and efficient than conventional RFL methods or chloroprene impregnation with isocyanates. We manufacture protective adhesive tapes for painting, as well as produce natural rubber and chloroprene adhesives. We also prepare packaging and customise products from coated fabrics: various kinds of pneumatic systems (boats, pneumatic pontoons, pneumatic tents, buoys and advertising arches). What is more, we manufacture clothing resistant to particularly hazardous chemical and biological substances.


Fabrics for protective clothing

-Chemical-resistant Garment: C-35/CM MP-198 MP-207 -Goo-BM Suit, Protective suit against acid...

Lubawa SA ul. Staroprzygodzka 117 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski Poland +48 62/7375700


Fabrics for inflatable structures

-Fabrics: DL-44 LS-08 III S-4 IV P-43 S-23 SN-6 TR-1 B Z-29 -Pneumatic tent frames: ...

Lubawa SA ul. Staroprzygodzka 117 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski Poland +48 62/7375700


Tents fabrics

Tents fabrics: MP-125 IX MP-125 T1 MP-125 T2 MP-144 MP-159 RUBBER FABRIC MP-125 Fabric:...

Lubawa SA ul. Staroprzygodzka 117 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski Poland +48 62/7375700


Fabrics for sanitary, food contact

-Sanitary foundations: Z-66 -Waterproofing aprons: Z-66 NTN-2 -Securing the treatment zone:...

Lubawa SA ul. Staroprzygodzka 117 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski Poland +48 62/7375700


Fabrics for membranes

-Gas membranes: S-1 XI S-3 IV Z-18 -Oil-resistant membranes: TU-05 TU-09 TU-23 TU-25 Z-17...

Lubawa SA ul. Staroprzygodzka 117 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski Poland +48 62/7375700

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