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Philippe LONGO, Managing Director of LUTETIA, is proud that our Company has been designing, manufacturing and selling highly innovative equipment and processes for the food industry for over 50 years. Today, LUTETIA is widely recognized as major actor in :


  • Curing / marination systems,

  • Static and dynamic defrosting technology,

  • Dry-cured products processing,

  • Cooking / smoking / cooling equipment.



With the massager, we developed patented processes such as vacuum-defrosting by steam or dry meat products processing innovative solutions, which are based on the massager whose design has been steadily improved to meet the manufacturers' requirements. We also offer a range of injectors and cookers. 


Major innovations such as the consolidation of processes into one single operation, vacuum defrosting, tenderising, special smoking systems, cryogenics or dry meat products processing innovative solutions in particular have contributed to the success of manufacturers in joining these new markets which are today high value-added markets.


Our philosophy has remained unchanged. Keep our customers satisfied by focusing closely on their concerns. When we go into your production unit we help with yield-improving solutions and adapt to them to your needs.


LEADER: With 50 years of experience in the manufacture of equipment for the food-processing industry, LUTETIA has become one of the leading companies in its market.


INNOVATION: With nearly 70 staff members working for manufacturers in this area, LUTETIA is steadily developing new units and processes whose quality is recognized worldwide. In 2009, LUTETIA has built a new top-level technological R&D laboratory in order to develop new processes and to make demonstrations or tests with customers of any country. 

Range of services

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PATENTED TECHNOLOGIES: The most famous patented processes by LUTETIA are:

1976 Vacuum massaging

1977 Knife-Tenderizing of meat

1992 Rapid defrosting by steam-vacuum in massager

1999 PROactivation in a massager

2001 Smoking in a massager

2003 Tenderizing in a massager

2010 Cooling in a massager

2012 Advanced PROactivation processing in a massager

2014 High speed defrosting process in a thawing chamber

2015 Fast steam – vacuum defrosting in a massager with controlled yield


EXPERIENCE: So far, near 12,000 units have been successfully installed all around the world, such as defrosting systems, massagers, injectors, tenderizers, cookers, smokehouses and cook-in-a-bag systems.


A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: With a new manufacturing site located near Paris, LUTETIA has the global experience to give you technological and technical support wherever you are in the world. All around the world, we believe in helping manufacturers to improve their production.


LUTETIA Technologies and Solutions



VACUUM – STEAM DYNAMIC DEFROSTING IN A MASSAGER LUTETIA technology offers a patented system (FR 92...

LUTETIA ZA du Pre de la Dame Jeanne 60128 Plailly France +33 344607000



With over 50 years of experience, LUTETIA has become the world leader in massagers, with a global...

LUTETIA ZA du Pre de la Dame Jeanne 60128 Plailly France +33 344607000



Dried and cured meat products are very widespread worldwide and very popular. Before refrigeration...

LUTETIA ZA du Pre de la Dame Jeanne 60128 Plailly France +33 344607000



INJECTOR-TENDERIZER   During injection, brine and seasoning are directly introduced into the...

LUTETIA ZA du Pre de la Dame Jeanne 60128 Plailly France +33 344607000



LUTETIA offers a large range of cookers and smoke houses, available with steam or electrical heating...

LUTETIA ZA du Pre de la Dame Jeanne 60128 Plailly France +33 344607000

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