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Tesla Amazing is a startup that debuted Magnetic Notes, Pads, and Boards on Kickstarter in March 2015, raising $240,000 from 6,000 backers. Since then, it has expanded its reach to include more than 50 distributors worldwide.   


After many frustrating years of watching ordinary sticky notes curl up and fall off the wall, the Tesla Amazing team came to a realization. We've been to the Moon. We've generated human organs in 3D printers. We have driverless cars. But when it comes to our homes and offices, where we spend the majority of our time, we still use paper that can't stick properly.  


So Tesla Amazing came up with a mission: to give the world a new generation of paper that truly deserves to be called a tool of the 21st century. Inspired by the great inventor Nikola Tesla's experiments with static electricity, the team ran hundreds of experiments of its own.  


Enter Magnetic: paper that clings to anything. 


Magnetic is a family of self-adhesive stationery that makes paper as sleek as it should be in the Digital Age. It is based on a unique patented technology called statically charged polypropylene film, which provides full-coverage stick to almost any surface.


Tesla Amazing is a young but fast-growing team of seven friends spread across the globe, including the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, and Estonia. It is registered in Estonia and has a production facility in Finland. 

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Tesla Amazing produces, markets, and sells Magnetic Notes, Pads, Boards, and Sheets. Statically charged Magnetic products are a 21st-century alternative to sticky notes, posters, and whiteboards. Just write, peel off, and cling to almost any surface, including wood, plastic, glass, paper, metal, bricks, cork board, leather, fabric, and more. Then slide Magnetic around without even removing it from the wall!   


Magnetic eliminates the need for outdated tools like thumb tacks, tape, buttons, and glue, which means no messy residue and no dog-earing. Magnetic has a sleek surface that is satiny to the touch and makes your handwriting more beautiful than ever, no matter which writing implement you use. Plus, Magnetic is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. The reverse side can be written on with water-based, non-permanent marker, wiped clean, and reused again and again.    


Magnetic comes in seven sizes and eight colors. 


Magnetic Notes

Statically charged Magnetic Notes are a 21st-century alternative to sticky notes. Based on a unique...

Magnetic IP OU (Tesla Amazing) J. Poska tn 5 10147 Tallinn Estland +372 8803340


Magnetic Boards

Statically charged Magnetic Boards are a 21st-century, portable alternative to whiteboards. Based on...

Magnetic IP OU (Tesla Amazing) J. Poska tn 5 10147 Tallinn Estland +372 8803340


Magnetic Sheets

Statically charged Magnetic Sheets are a 21st-century, printer-friendly alternative to posters and...

Magnetic IP OU (Tesla Amazing) J. Poska tn 5 10147 Tallinn Estland +372 8803340


Magnetic Pads

Statically charged Magnetic Pads are a 21st-century alternative to ordinary paper and notepads....

Magnetic IP OU (Tesla Amazing) J. Poska tn 5 10147 Tallinn Estland +372 8803340

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