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MAJA-Maschinenfabrikk was founded in 1955 in the German village of Kehl-Goldscheuer, next to the French border, by Hermann Schill sen., the grandfather of the today's company owners. Today, MAJA is among the market leaders in the field of meat processing equipment and ice machines. Last year, MAJA celebrated its 60th anniversary.

MAJA develops, produces and distributes high-quality meat processing machinery, such as derinders, membrane skinners and defatting machines, fish and poultry skinning machines as well as fresh meat slicers, especially weight-controlled meat portioning systems. Moreover, a wide range of flake ice machines round out the vast product range for the food processing sector. Since 60 years, it has been MAJA's aim to be a reliable partner to the butcher's trade and to the food processing industry by creating for these target groups highly profitable and safe processing solutions.

MAJA sets high quality standards by which it always can be measured! Much more than 30.000 MAJA-machines are every day in the field around the world. That's why MAJA has become an essential and indispensable part in the food processing value chain.

Every product solution is developed in direct dialogue with the customer, resulting in demand-oriented developments guaranteeing a quick opening-up of the market. Basically, only high-class materials and state-of-the-art machinery are used, being permanently adjusted to the latest technologies. This reflects in considerable investments every year. These efforts pay for the customer in daily work by profiting from the reliability, the simple handling, the precise work and the economical use of a MAJA machine. And most important: The name MAJA is a guarantee for an extraordinary high safety standard.

Range of services

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MAJA machines are in daily use in different business sections. The main target groups are meat processing companies, starting from small traditional butcheries until highly-specialized industrial processors all over the world. But also poultry processors, kebab producers, the fish business and food retailing companies rely on machines made by MAJA.

Derinding machines:

Manual / open derinders are standard solution for round meat cuts; also available with defatting device allowing derinding and defatting in one and the same operation.

Conveyorized derinding machines are an integral part of every meat processing line. The MAJA product portfolio offers solutions for any set of individual requirements. MAJA conveyorized derinding machines come at different cutting widths, with or without cutting command, mobile on a subframe or suspended over the processing belts, as a single, stand-alone machine or as a fully line-capable element of a complex processing line.

Membrane skinning machines:

The quality of a membrane skinner is measured through yield and the quality of the result. MAJA membrane skinners offer an ergonomically optimized work table and various setup alternatives, so that the machine can be perfectly integrated with any processing layout. Factories that skin tons of ham pieces in multi-shift operation every day should integrate fully automatic MAJA machines. In most cases, their sophisticated membrane skinning approach allows for unanticipated savings.

Fresh meat portioning machines:

By applying MAJA slicing technology, plants can product at optimal cost-efficiency and meet all of their customers' requirements.

From the end of the 90s on, when the meat industry demanded industrial cutting solutions, MAJA has been developing portion control slicing systems. MAJA's product portfolio comprises circular blade-cutters, which cut slices at equal thickness. It comprises weight-controlled systems, which portion meat at +/-2gr by means of a constant volume process, before they automatically place the portions in trays - ready to be sold at a minimal give-away.

MAJA ice machines:

MAJA Flake Ice is used in boiled sausage production. For perfect sanitary conditions in food processing, you will find practical solutions, such as the HY-GEN principle of sanitary ice production by easy manual cleaning of the water tank. Or by fully automatic cleaning thanks to the patented evaporator self cleaning system MAJA-SCS. Big choice of ice transport and storage systems.


Conveyorized derinding machine BXAplus 554

The conveyorized derinding machine type BXAplus 554 is suitable for the fully automatic derinding of...

Maja-Maschinenfabrik Hermann Schill GmbH & Co. KG Tullastr. 4 77694 Kehl Germany +49 7854/184-0


Manual combined desinewing and membrane skinning machine EVMsplit 4006

The combined MAJA Defatting and Membrane Skinning Machine EVMsplit 4006 is a special machine,...

Maja-Maschinenfabrik Hermann Schill GmbH & Co. KG Tullastr. 4 77694 Kehl Germany +49 7854/184-0


Hygienic robot solutions for primary packaging processes in the meat industry

Hygienic design handling and packaging solutions for fresh meat made by MAJA means product safety...

Maja-Maschinenfabrik Hermann Schill GmbH & Co. KG Tullastr. 4 77694 Kehl Germany +49 7854/184-0


HY-GEN Flake Ice Machines

HY-GEN Flake Ice Machines from MAJA are designed to allow quick and easy cleaning and the production...

Maja-Maschinenfabrik Hermann Schill GmbH & Co. KG Tullastr. 4 77694 Kehl Germany +49 7854/184-0

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