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  • Zona B-5, bl. 7, vh. B, et. 10, ap. 10
  • 1303 Sofia
  • Bulgaria


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About Us

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MAK LTD is the biggest Bulgarian producer of tableware and different other products for restaurants, bars and for home use. Over 25 years the products of the company are among the most popular products on the Bulgarian market and on the other European markets.

The company’s products are manufactured by local and imported /mainly from Europe/ raw materials of high quality. Every product is put to the touch of series of research tests by authorized laboratories and organizations, and a research report and a certificate are issued.  

MAK LTD is certified by EN ISO 9001-2008.

Mak LTD also passed successfully the BSCI-Social audit with the highest result A.

The company is also certified by European Directive 2004/22/ EC.

The company’s products are in great demand and are with very good sells in the biggest commercial chains in Bulgaria and other European countries like Metro Cash & Carry, Kaufland, Carrefour, Praktiker, Cora and etc.

Our export directions include Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Israel, Czech Republic, Latvia, Moldova, Serbia, Bosna and Hertzegovina, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Croatia, Kosovo, Switzerland and constantly expand, including new destinations and new clients. Our regular annually participation to the fair in Frankfurt enriches our international business contacts and the number of our clients.


MAK LTD increases with assurance the potentiality of its production activity, while accomplishing its ambitious innovative program for development and introduction of new advanced- guard products and technologies, designed to satisfy the high requirements of its clients.

Range of services

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The factory of MAK LTD consists of eight different departments for every production level. Production is based on up-to date equipment for various products and quantities as per catalogue or by client order.

The company is certificated by  ISO 9001 2008.

Mak LTD also passed successfully the BSCI-Social audit with the highest result A.

Also the company is certificated by Directive 2004/ 22/ EC for the thimble measures, which the company produce.

Biggest part of the production consists in manufacturing of different kinds of stainless steel, plastic and melamine products for restaurants, bars and home use, such as:


  • Condiment glass sets- stainless steal/ plastic (17 models)

  • Napkin holders- stainless steal/ plastic (4 models)

  • Napkin rings

  • Espresso spoons

  • Roll paper holders

  • Universal food tongs

  • Cake tongs

  • Ice- tongs

  • Serving tongs

  • BBQ tongs

  • Thimble measures- 25-250 ml

  • Ashtrays- stainless steal (2 sizes)/ melamine (4 models)

  • Candle holders- 2 models

  • Stainless steel gravy boats

  • Table signs and Table numbers

  • Metal and Inox Boxes- each in 4 sizes

  • Melamine plates- 3 sizes

  • Melamine gravy boats- 5 models

  • Melamine sugar-packs holder

  • Kitchen cooking helpers- 6 models

  • Plastic rice bowl

  • Plastic bowls- round, square and triangle, each model in 3 sizes

  • Plastic beakers

  • Plastic plates

  • Chopping boards- standard and folding, each model in 2 sizes

  • Table cloth clips-stainless steal/ plastic

  • Bill holders

  • Sugar bowls with dosimeter

  • Cap openers

  • Screw cap openers

  • Fish peelers

  • Sink strainers

  • Plastic ice pots

  • Cocktail/ party clips

  • Hangers with rotary head

  • Clothes pegs

  • Cloth dryers- ceiling and wall/ ceiling, each in different sizes


We produce also plastic fun toys and sport's and pet's accessories as well as:


  • Snow Sledges Toboggan

  • Frizzby

  • Ski-card holders

  • Pet feeding bowls- 2 sizes


Also the company produce different items for the advertising:


  • Cash change trays

  • Magnet souvenirs

  • Frizzby


Also, MAK ltd. is the biggest Bulgarian producer of:


  • Furniture wheels /4 models/

  • Furniture steps


We operate with different kinds of famous-branded extruder machines which give us the possibility of developing and sampling of new products on demand from our clients.

We are strongly motivated to increase our production and the export quantities of our products.


Alcohol Measures

MAK LTD produce alcohol measures with different capacity: 25 ml 35 ml 35,5 ml 40 ml...

MAK - Milcho and Aneta Kalenovi OOD Zona B-5, bl. 7, vh. B, et. 10, ap. 10 1303 Sofia Bulgaria +359 29200452


Cloth Dryers

MAK LTD produce 2 different kinds of Cloth Dryers: Ceiling Cloth Dryers- they are with...

MAK - Milcho and Aneta Kalenovi OOD Zona B-5, bl. 7, vh. B, et. 10, ap. 10 1303 Sofia Bulgaria +359 29200452

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