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Since 1922, the company Maria Soell operates at its convenient location to the Upper Hessian Nidda as Paper and Film Processor and manufacturers with great expertise and modern technology.

2012, the company founded on Nidda sister company Maria Soell High Technology Films (HTF) for producing biaxially stretched up to eleven layer film composites. Maria Soell is a privately held innovative company with around 140 employees. The company generated sales of around EUR 30 million in the last fiscal year.


Maria Soell offers its customers a versatile range of flexible packaging, films and silicone papers, which are manufactured using modern equipment. Based on professional market analysis is Maria Soell among others in niches in the food industry (among others confectionery, sweets, dairy, dry products), the pharmaceutical industry, for technical products and in the cosmetics industry successfully. Another specialty of the company is thermally crosslinked silicone or release paper.

The up to eleven layer film assortment of Maria Soell HTF includes shrink films, thermoforming films, cheese ripening films and more.

Both companies are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008, the global hygiene certificate BRC / IoP certified according to FSC / CoC and SMETA.

Core competences:


  • Printed and unprinted materials for flexible packaging such as Paper aluminum PE, PET aluminum PE

  • Wax Paper

  • Silicone treated papers and films

  • up to eleven layer high barrier films

  • Tailored solutions running optimally on the machines of the customers and the requirements of the protected products comply perfectly.


Range of services

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For lasting pleasure

Protected by the films of Maria Soell HTF times spoiled or damaged goods are over. Attractive packaging films of new generation secure your quality products lasting success with customers. Films of Maria Soell HTF are the icing on the cake, which will put your products in the spotlight. Examples from the strong MS range:

At IFFA 2016 represents Maria Soell HTF before a thermoformable shrink film. This is ideal for saving a material suitable efficient and sustainable packaging process. Skin-tight and with maximum seal strength enclose the upper and lower films sensitive food meat (boneless), sausage and poultry. Safe and absolutely hygienic with a significantly longer shelf our film is ideal for the packaging process on a thermoformable machine.

Under MS shrink films with individually adjustable shrinkage properties can also be pieces of meat with sharp bones excellent protection due to the excellent puncture resistance.

Controlled ripening processes are the magic word in the preparation of tasty cheese products. With special MS cheese ripening films that allow controlled and selectable on the cheeses carbon dioxide permeability, succeed precision landings.

MS films will convince you

They consist of eleven ultra-thin layers. In blown film extrusion process they are produced in one operation. In comparison to conventional film composites our innovative 11-layer constructions achieve depending on the desired property


  • up to ten times O2 barrier

  • up to four times H2O barrier

  • up to six times the puncture resistance

  • significantly higher transparency

  • significantly higher stiffness.



Sustainability is a requirement that counts today. With MS-films you and your customers will contribute to this very important trend: With our high-performance films you save compared to conventional films a thirty to fifty percent material, thus relieving our environment. The efficient inline production processes, the complete absence of an aluminum layer and the material savings ensure low values ​​when CO2 footprint. Excellent barrier properties, the prevention of pollutant migration and high puncture resistance improve the durability of the packaged products significantly.


Trashing once was - today provide MS films for lasting pleasure.


Shrink film for thermoforming machines

Sustainable protection for meat products At the IFFA 2016 Maria Soell High Technology Films,...

Maria Soell High Technology Films GmbH Frankenstraße 45 63667 Nidda Germany +49 6043/809-0


Shrink film

Your meat is guaranteed to be fresh At IFFA 2016 Maria Soell HTF, D-Nidda presents shrink films...

Maria Soell High Technology Films GmbH Frankenstraße 45 63667 Nidda Germany +49 6043/809-0


Film for bone meat

Effective protection for meat with bones At IFFA 2016 Maria Soell HTF, D-Nidda presents shrink...

Maria Soell High Technology Films GmbH Frankenstraße 45 63667 Nidda Germany +49 6043/809-0


Cheese ripening film

Typical varieties ripening cheese At IFFA 2016, the Maria Soell HTF, D-Nidda presents ripening...

Maria Soell High Technology Films GmbH Frankenstraße 45 63667 Nidda Germany +49 6043/809-0



Trade fair novelty Innovative shrink film for meat packing EichelsdorferShrinkMeat_plus is a...

Maria Soell High Technology Films GmbH Frankenstraße 45 63667 Nidda Germany +49 6043/809-0

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IFFA 2016

07.05.2016 - 12.05.2016 Hall: 4.1 Stand: J 14