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Martini’s strength - our strength - has always been to believe in the energy of new ideas.

Martini has been among the first companies in the world to study and develop LED applications. Thanks to the heritage of expertise and know-how built over the years, today it is recognized as an international benchmark for applied technologies and product quality.

This is the reason why, every year, Lighting Designers from the most important international architectural firms rely on our competence to develop and realize innovative solutions to illuminate buildings and urban spaces.

Excellence, creativity and capability are our pillars, the values that drive our activities in retail and hospitality, as well as in residential, office and urban lighting.


The spark that gave rise to Martini and its history lit up a long time ago, back in 1925, when Martini Timoteo was established by the father of our current President. From this company Martini spa developed in 1971.

Since then, Martini has never stopped growing: our success is built on the values of innovation, research and experimentation, converting Martini in a state-of-the-art company.

Martini has additionally reinforced its leadership with the development of LEDs: in years when the technology was still at its beginning, Martini carried out advanced studies, largely anticipating investigation trends and issues that are vital today.

Step after step, innovation after innovation, over the years Martini has reached such a level of technical and technological excellence that it is today universally recognized as one of the major lighting manufacturers in the world.

In May 2012 a strong earthquake struck Emilia Romagna, causing severe damage to the production plant. Even in such a terrible situation, Martini could not and did not stop: without interrupting production, the Company was almost completely rebuilt in only five months, rapidly resuming production activities and investments in new projects and technologies.


Illuminating things means causing the most hidden, implicit and unexpected sides to emerge: this is, in brief, our mission. For us, thinking about light means to look at objects from a different viewpoint. Most of all, it means to focus on man and his life and work needs.

We follow an innovative approach based on research and experimentation. Applying a technology is not enough for us: we want to study it, improve it and translate it into break-through solutions that can meet the hidden requirements of the market, and we like to be the first ones to sense them.

This happened in 2010, when Martini became the first Company in the world to stake on the COB (chip on board) technology with reflectors, while the marked proposed multichip solutions with lenses. In the same years Martini presented “Youled”, one of the first catalogues completely dedicated to LED products.

Still in 2010, Martini was the first one to manufacture special heat sink devices for COB LEDs, with the help of thermal simulation software applications. Moreover, it was amongst the first companies in the world to believe in the use of LEDs for indoor lighting applications.


From concept to project, from studies to production: Martini’s experience and technical competence allow us to follow up and support projects in all steps.

That’s why today Martini is a privileged partner of the most prestigious architectural firms, lighting designers and architects at world level.

We have invented modern innovative solutions to give light to streets, buildings, museums, stores, hotels and historical buildings all over the world. Multiple projects, one inspiration only: to illuminate not only space, but the entire world where people live and work every day.


HD Retina LED arises from an “unexpected” idea, as the payoff reads “Unexpected light for your mind”, as it is a new LED that incarnates a different way of considering light and its function, upturning the perspective we usually take on the concept of lighting.

HD Retina is a high definition LED that saturates, in a perfectly balanced fashion, both warm and cold colours at the same time, making them pleasant on the human eye and giving them their natural colour. This is why this type of LED is well-suited to multiple areas of application and – in particular – has been designed for all general lighting situations in which different colour objects need to be illuminated all together in a single ambiance.

The HD Retina project develops the intuition of Giorgio Martini, Deputy Chairman of the company, according to whom it is important not so much to understand how to best illuminate the colour of an object, but rather to study how the human eye reconstructs colours.

We normally say that it is sunlight that gives ideal visual comfort, but in actual fact this is not the case, because even bright sunlight tends to distort colour. The idea was therefore first to define a natural light that can be considered ideal on the eye and then to construct a source able to replicate that light in a closed environment. Research and experiments have shown that the light considered ideal in terms of visual comfort and giving a faithful representation of colour is that which our eye perceives “at dawn and at dusk”, when the source par excellence – the sun – illuminates them indirectly.

Apart from the quality of light effectively perceived, the innovation proposed to the market is a different, but equally real, perspective with which to consider colour. Colour, in fact, is not a physical characteristic of objects, but rather the result of the visual perception of the light that illuminates them. It is the human eye that reconstructs colours on the basis of a source that illuminates them and recognizes the different shades. On the other hand, when we look at an object and recall it to our memory, that object will always be associated with a single, unique colour, which we recognize as familiar and perceive as its “real", or “ideal” colour, which is, in actual fact, that associated with the objects in an ideal context of the natural light of dawn and dusk.

This is, therefore, very briefly, the innovative heart achieved by HD Retina LED: technology able to make colours true to those the memory associates with familiar objects, with excellent colour saturation, making an unprecedented result possible with any artificial light source.

HD RETINA LED ® is a new revolutionary patent-pending spectrum developed with technology COB.


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