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The most crucial difference to look out for when comparing 2-compartment aerosol products containing 2K binder and hardener is the pot life of the paint. 2-compartment spray doesn’t need to be activated by puncturing the hardener can. It’s always ready for use, as many times as is needed, and it has a shelf life of several years.

Both  professionals and consumers can have access to  a high quality 2-component product without having to use  complicated air-driven equipment. It doesn’t produce any waste and no cleaning is required; in other words, it’s THE EFFICIENT SOLUTION.

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Diamond hard surface

A standardized pencil hardness test shows the difference in hardness  between ordinary paint and 2-compartment spray paint. Test it yourself. Just select any type of pencil  and try to scratch the surface. 2K paint surface is very hard and will not scratch.

Chemical resistance

2-compartment spray has a very high chemical resistance. Neither gasoline nor any type of detergent will   impact  the surface when it’s fully cured (after 8 days).  Whereas ordinary paints  soften until they can be wiped off with a gasoline-soaked cloth , 2-compartment spray won’t   be impacted at all once  the paint has cured.

Abrasive resistance

2-compartment spray is 6 times more abrasion resistant than an ordinary 1K  spray  paint. If you use a rough sponge to clean a surface painted with ordinary paint, it will scratch. 2-compartment spray will remain faultless.

Bond strength

2-compartment spray adhesion to the surface is extremely strong and the film is very flexible. 2-compartment spray will not crack even when  bent to a  180 ° angle. Normal paint will crack  at a90 ° angle. Due to its flexibility, 2-compartment spray works extremely well on all surfaces including natural materials such as wood, as well as  flexible materials like plastics.

Corrosion resistance

2-compartment spray forms an absolutely air and watertight film. It can even be used  in salt water and marine environments. Ordinary paints have microscopic holes in the paint film and are vulnerable to corrosion.

Higher coverage

2-compartment spray paint contains upto 3 to 4 times more dry material than an ordinary spray paint.  It  has a high dry content of 17.5% compared with the average paint content of less than 5%. 2-compartment spray 150ml can has the same amount of paint as  an ordinary 400 ml spray paint and double the film thickness. You will get twice the thickness and twice the coverage compared with  an ordinary spray paint.