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  • Germany

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About Us

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MAWA Made in Gemany

In 1948 Martin Wagner had the vision to manufacture the best clothes hangers in the world – fully automated: MAWA metal clothes hangers. Until today, all path breaking developments for metal clothes hangers were invented at MAWA and were registered as patents – like clip hangers, turnable hooks and anti-slip coating – a hangerrange about over 500 different products. MAWA is the original. All other hangers are Chinese copies!

Centrepiece of the production is a highly specialised and fully automated machinery – the nresult of a close collaboration of all departments, of designers, producers, engineers and sales staff. We improve processes daily to raise our production quality. The production facility is perfectly located in Pfaffenhofen, situated in Upper Bavaria, 30 km north of Munich, allows the German suppliers to deliver their raw materials directly to the loading ramp.

Managing director Michaela Schenk increased all efforts towards consumer protection. All materials used for production can be recycled and water consumption was reduced by 80%. MAWA hangers are now produced environmentfriendly and are certified according to strictest ecologic standards.

Due to Germany’s extremely strict laws regarding the use of chemical additives, MAWA guarantees the highest value of domestic products. Thus MAWA hangers do not contain hazardous emollients nor heavy metals, which could be passed from the hanger onto your clothes and your skin. Being a traditionalist company, MAWA delivers 100% “Made in Germany“ to 58 countries, representing quality hangers in Europe, Asia and the US.

Quality, Functionality, Design and Consumer Protection – MAWA made in Germany.


Range of services

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MAWA – The Quality


  • No toxic or harmful substances (SKIN friendly, ECO friendly)

  • Reliable product quality

  • Perfect functionality of hooks, clips, shoulders

  • Lines for all different kinds of clothes

  • Functional design for individual lifestyles

  • Fitting sizes for women’s and men’s clothes

  • Customer guidebook

  • Product warranty


MAWA – The Difference


  • MAWA steel manufactured in Germany – highest material properties

  • MAWA hangers hold your clothes in perfect shape

  • MAWA hangers are covered with anti-slip coating

  • MAWA hangers are robust and long-lasting

  • MAWA hangers save space

  • MAWA hangers have a hook which is completely turnable

  • MAWA clips are fixed firmly on the rod


ECO friendly

MAWA hangers are produced according to the strictest ecological viewpoints. This is our contribution to sustainability for the protection of nature and environment.

SKIN friendly

For the sake of your skin and your health. MAWA hangers are free from toxins and harmful substances like heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalate softeners.

Quality and Innovation


Colours – The new colours for your discerning clients


As easy-going and colourful as life – the new light hangers from MAWA

Butterflies are formfitted, non-slip-coated and have a turnable hook. And the best thing is:

Butterflies have a space-saving effect of up to 50%.


With this range you can gold-plate your turnover. MAWA hangers in gold, silver and bronze – that is luxury which everyone can afford it.



MAWA Silhouette 41/F

Offers perfect shape stability, supports the shoulders, takes care of fabric and material.  

MAWA GmbH Hohenwarter Str. 100 85276 Pfaffenhofen Germany +49 8441 800-0


MAWA Silhouette light 42/FT

Is ultra light, space-saving up to 50%, is ideal for drying laundry

MAWA GmbH Hohenwarter Str. 100 85276 Pfaffenhofen Germany +49 8441 800-0


Butterflies: FTS

FTS in pastels: is ideal for trousers and light jackets

MAWA GmbH Hohenwarter Str. 100 85276 Pfaffenhofen Germany +49 8441 800-0


Butterflies: FT

FT in pastels: is ideal for shirts, blouses, T-shirts and dresses

MAWA GmbH Hohenwarter Str. 100 85276 Pfaffenhofen Germany +49 8441 800-0

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