Air cleaning System Clair 5000

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The company KMWE Karosserie- Messsysteme Werkstatt-Einrichtung Michael Köberlein has set itself the goal, always innovative products such as the Clair5000 to lead the assortment.

These products are intended to facilitate the daily work, enable ergonomic working, guarantee saving labor and energy and get the user's health. The fulfillment of these points is the company's philosophy.

To improve profitability and quality in the spot repair developed KMWE to the mobile air-circulating extractionClair5000. The system represents a useful addition for all companies that have to deal with ink mist and dust.

Through in-house development of the device of the KMWEClair5000 can be adapted to almost all circumstances.

The customer needs and requirements can be met by a modular and convertible system unlike other devices.

The device has a five-fold filter system and can not only filter dust, ink mist, but also solvents and other pollutants from the air. This filtration is guaranteed by the pre- and main filter with a downstream fine dust compact filter and the specially designed activated carbon cell a wight of 110 Kg.

The specially developed filter sequence prevents the clogging of the activated carbon filter, comes in the Clair5000 a compact dust filter before the activated carbon filter.

For the good health!

The hClair5000 as 2 connections for air hoses. This allows when needed to feed air outwards, in this case, the hoses are available as accessories by us. Through this could be met the most national rules for painting.

No complicated installation is required.

The operation of the Clair5000via 400 V and the current consumption is only 1350 watts at 4900 m³ / h suction.

This eliminates the need of a spry booth for spot repair. (Huge cost savings)

Through the air circulation system of Clair5000that the purified air blows out again, the workshop temperature is not cooled down while working.

The main advantage lies in the constant cleaning of workshop air.

The device naturally meets the ATEX standard (used in hazardous areas)

and according to the latest CE standards. The directive TGRS900 for dust is also respected.

The attached plenum is used for air supply: Through the plenum, an air curtain is formed which keeps the dust away from your objet und the overspray will be protected not to reach the working area around and find the way to the filters.

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Range of services

Areas of application are filtering the entire workshop and air extraction in grinding fillers and painting.
The exhaust air and drying time can be reduced since a small part of the filtered air can be blown, if required to the object. A further advantage is that the dust is kept away from the outside through the filtered air easily flowing down from above; as a side benefit the entire workshop is dusted over time. On large-area masking by neighboring vehicles can so be dispensed.
Complicated installation work is not required. The unit has a footprint of 900x795mm is mobile and can be used therefore in any place without any problems.
Thus, this is a mobile recirculation of dust and paint overspray not only reduces emissions, but also saves enormous energy costs.