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About Us

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Milmeq specialises in delivering capital plant equipment for food processing operations around the world.

Our areas of expertise include primary food processing, chilling and freezing and materials handling.  We provide performance-enhancing solutions to clients across the meat, poultry, dairy, seafood and horticulture industries.

Having already established ourselves as industry leaders in our homeland New Zealand, which is renowned for its meat and dairy exporting industry, we are now recognised globally for offering world class technologies and support systems.

Our company was formed in 1952, to help meet the growing demand for New Zealand meat and dairy products.

Over the years we have pioneered a number of technologies, many which have gone on to be recognised as setting the industry standard.  This includes the inverted lamb processing system, plate freezing and chilling and freezing retention tunnels.

We continue to develop new solutions to the challenges presented within protein production, such as the Milmeq fully automated stock transfer system (MFAST) which introduces automation into the sorting, storage and retrieval of chilled and frozen product.

Our reputation for innovative thinking and delivery of top quality, reliable systems has seen us become a multi award winning company. We innovate daily, with processes and support systems that are recognised as world leading.

As we develop, people continue to be at the heart of our business.  From experienced senior staff to graduates and apprentices, the sharing of knowledge and continuous growth of our people is a core focus for Milmeq.

Looking after people is always a priority and our commitment to health and safety goes beyond maintaining the highest standards within our own workplace, with every system we develop actively designed to keep our clients safe as well.

The Milmeq story is built on four core pillars:

PEOPLE: Having the right people with the right attitude is the driving force behind our success.

PLACE: All of our solutions are proudly engineered in New Zealand, the small nation leading the world in primary food production.

INNOVATION: Daily innovation is at the heart of what we do, developing unique custom solutions to help our clients achieve superior levels of performance.

QUALITY: Every component of every system we produce is crafted to the highest quality and backed by an industry-leading warranty.

(Milmeq was also previously known as Realcold or Realcold Milmech.)

Range of services

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Milmeq custom designs, engineers and manufactures equipment for primary food processing operations, providing the complete solution to take the product from hot to cold.

This includes systems to optimise processing for meat (including beef, sheep, pork, goats, calves and deer), poultry, dairy, seafood and horticulture operations.

Having worked in the meat industry since the 1950s, we pioneered many of the technologies which have shaped the operating environment today. For example, the inverted processing system, where carcasses are suspended by their fore legs during the pelt removal process, was pioneered by Milmeq in New Zealand in the 1980s; today it is recognised as setting the global standard for sheep and deer processing delivering superior food hygiene and operating efficiencies.

In the 1980s we pioneered the introduction of plate freezing to the meat processing industry. Today we produce the world’s largest plate freezers which provide processors with a faster, more energy efficient method of freezing product.

We also developed chilling and freezing tunnels which have been deployed in meat processing operations around the globe, delivering improvements in operational efficiencies as well as product quality. Today they are recognised as a global standard which is being copied by our competitors.

Our Milmeq Fully Automated Stock Transfer (MFAST) system is now revolutionising materials handling for chilled and frozen product, offering superior efficiency in operations, use of space and quality of product.

We work with customers around the world, providing a comprehensive turn-key solution including design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of a full range of equipment to meet their processing needs.

Our goal is to enable our clients to produce high quality, premium tasting product for their customers globally.


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