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Minipack-Torre new Pratika 56 range  is a complete fully “made in Italy” L-sealing machines range which distinguishes itself for its “practicalness”.The range is composed of 4 models with common highly technological and reliable equipment, which have specific features to meet different and specific packaging needs.

PRATIKA 56: it is the basic model with the classic L-sealing system with high sealing speed and output (according to the product size, film and operator’s ability); it packages products up to 160 mm height. The standard equipment includes a Schneider Electric PLC with worldwide assistance which allows to manage up to 250 customizable and namable programs through the new 8-language, simple-to-be-used touch-screen display. The sealing parameters may be easily set thanks to the motorized adjustment of the triangles (film adapters)and of the sealing bar according to the product height and the kissing belt system allows to package even small products.  

PRATIKA 56 CS: it is the evolution of the basic model with Center Sealing system which allows the horizontal film sealing in the middle of the product. Equipped with Schneider PLC, new touch- screen display and kissing belt system with all the virtues of the basic model, it packages products up to 240 mm height.


PRATIKA 56 MPE: Minipack Electronic model working only with electrical power supply (with no pneumatic connection) Schneider PLC and touch-screen display. The pneumatic movement has been substituted by a brushless motor with servomotor which controls the movement of the sealing group; this guarantees a more precise sealing and a higher output comparing to the pneumatic model (up to 60 pcs/min up to a 240mm product height). The triangle height and sealing bar adjustment is automatic according to the product height set up. The touch-screen digital panel has a USB interface for any software update and maintenance.


PRATIKA MPS: Minipack Side Seal model working only with electrical power supply. The classic L-sealing system has been substituted by a high speed side sealer ( 30 m/min). Equipped with Schneider PLC, touch-screen display, USB interface, like the other models, PRATIKA MPS is suitable for the packaging of long products(sealing are 400 mm x infinite).  




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All the models of the PRATIKA 56 range have the possibility to interface with in-feed and out-feed conveyors, which may be easily removable for an easy maintenance and the possibility to be combined with a shrinking tunnel.

The standard conveyors keep with the most strict food regulations in force ( FDA) and are fully anti-static.

The packaging with the models of PRATIKA 56 range is suitable for several application fields: food, retail, graphic and mailing, GDO, industrial and textile.

Thanks to a series of devices such as the completely automatic check at the start up, a micro-puncher device with a film tensioning adjustment which allows a higher film saving, a new frame which activates the sealing bars which balances the pushes thus making the movement more fluid, an inverter which adjusts the in-feed and out-feed belts speed, an electronic counter-cycles and a series of devices with a logic of control for operator’s safety, the new range PRATIKA 56 is really a highly reliable and versatile solution, which is valid for those who want high performances without renouncing to handiness 

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