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The Mink web spreader roller produces an excellent spreading effect not matched in other systems. Crease-free spreading right to the very edge of the web without marking or folds is guaranteed with Mink BSW technology. The rollers are free running, require virtually no maintenance and are long lasting.


The „trick“ in combatting creasing is that the strip brush inserts around the circumference have bundles of bristles angled outwards from the centre of the roller. When the web makes contact with the bristles, the web tension forces a slight distortion of these bundles outwards. This amounts to tenths of a millimeter per brush strip.  In this way a gentle spreading effect is achieved.


The turning motion of the Mink web spreader roller ensures a continuous spreading effect, which is both uniform and effective.  By using individual bristle tips, the contact area is minimal thus avoiding marking and also enabling applications where coated webs are involved.


The advantages of the Mink web spreader roller for end-users are clear. Contact angles ranging from  2° to 180° are possible and rollers are delivered ready to fit. The same contact angle is applied to the whole width of the web, giving an equal spreading effect right up to the edge. This is not the case with traditional rubber or banana rollers.  Film thicknesses from 8µ and web widths of 6 meters and beyond are not a problem. Dynamic balancing is used for high speed applications.


Through the distortion of the bristles a softening effect occurs and web tension peaks can be reduced leading to a more stable web path.   Many materials including film, non-woven, textile, rubber and paper webs can all be reliably spread and smoothed.

To support a wide range of different applications, four different bristle types are available and there are fully bristled products in four different overall diameters, which can be used on almost all web systems. For multi-slitting applications there is a version with a unique two-directional angling of bristles. Integrated static removal can be offered as well as options for high temperatures up to 160°.


The latest addition to the range is the BSW-PP for tight spaces, e.g. in the manufacture of incontinence products, where a consistent and damage-free result during coating is achieved. The BSW-PP is ideal for web widths up to one meter.

All Mink web spreader rollers can be used as path rollers with a spreading effect.


Mink Bürsten is the global market leader in modern filament technology and brush technology. Established in 1845, August Mink KG is proud of its long heritage as an accomplished, dependable partner for thousands of well-known companies around the world. The firm's history is defined by innovative thinking, permanent refinement, superlative quality and its primary objective of absolute customer satisfaction.

Every year, Mink produces millions of brushes from a range of more than 200,000 different types at its production site in Göppingen. The continuous expansion of this site, together with the most modern machinery in the industry, enable us to produce brushes of the highest quality and to deliver even customised products fast and always on time.

Mink guarantees its international customers direct access, personal contact and rapid availability by means of a growing number of advisory centres in Europe. At the moment Mink has branches in Denmark, England, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Its 385 motivated, highly productive employees and the high intake of apprentices make Mink one of the most attractive employers in the region. The hallmarks of its outstanding human resources are a high level of staff satisfaction and continuous professional training, which also takes place at the company’s own Mink Academy.

Mink Bürsten offers innovative solutions particularly for spreading, conveying, securing, sealing, cleaning and washing applications.


Mink Bürsten Wilhelm-Zick-Straße 13 73035 Göppingen Germany +49 7161/4031-0 info@mink-buersten.de


Mink Bürsten Wilhelm-Zick-Straße 13 73035 Göppingen Germany +49 7161/4031-0 info@mink-buersten.de


Mink Bürsten Wilhelm-Zick-Straße 13 73035 Göppingen Germany +49 7161/4031-0 info@mink-buersten.de


Mink Bürsten Wilhelm-Zick-Straße 13 73035 Göppingen Germany +49 7161/4031-0 info@mink-buersten.de

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