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German System Manufacturer of Professional Video Management (VMS) and Smart IP Cameras

In short, MOBOTIX is a software company with own IP camera products, all made in Germany. In 2005, MOBOTIX launched its first professional video management system which is still being used in thousands of installations around the globe. These even include high-security applications like prisons, airports or soccerstadiums because MOBOTIX systems have no restrictions in terms of number of users or cameras. The professional VMS and the video analysis are parts of the system offering and free of charge without any license fees. In addition, software updates are free via download and transform every MOBOTIX product into a future-proof investment with one of the highest returns on investment. Since 2015, all MOBOTX cameras have used 6MP “Moonlight Sensor Technology“, which is very light sensitive and produces brilliant videos even in difficult low-light conditions without any motion blur.

Decentralized Architecture Increases Reliability and Reduces System Costs

Since 2000, MOBOTIX IP cameras have been known for their high-quality video performance and low bandwidth consumption thanks to their “decentralized architecture”. The cameras themselves execute video analysis & event detection internally, and manage their video ring buffer on a NAS or server by themselves. This reduces the workload of the VMS workstation and network dramatically. Network fluctuations or longer interruptions are compensated by an onboard video buffer (SD card). As a result, MOBOTIX video systems are very reliable and need fewer servers, fewer workstations and less network infrastructure than other brands. This reduces the overall system costs as well as power consumption and the total energy bill. Encrypted recording by the camera itself guarantees data security and privacy.

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Innovative German IP Camera Manufacturer since 2000

Beside the professional VMS and video analysis software, MOBOTIX is known as an innovative producer of smart and autonomous IP cameras since the year 2000. From the beginning, cameras were equipped with CMOS sensors without any moving parts to improve backlight situations and longterm reliability. The camera itself runs the software for automatic event detection, alarm messaging, video analysis, direct NAS ring buffer storage and remote functions. Two-way audio with VoIP messaging and phone connectivity using the SIP standard is included in all MOBOTIX cameras. From the first day, MOBOTIX cameras are produced weatherproof and IP66 protected with one of the highest quality standards. In 2015, a new range of competitive 6-megapixel indoor cameras for flexible ceiling and wall-mount installations was launched. MOBOTIX is located near the highway A63 approx. 90 km south west of Frankfurt Airport in Germany.

Inventor of 360° Hemispheric IP Cameras

In 2008, MOBOTIX invented the 360° hemispheric camera technology. Compared to other brands, hemispheric processing is done onboard to increase image quality and to reduce network bandwidth. The 180° panoramic view with onboard image correction delivers realistic impressions of the scene with sharp details at the lowest possible bandwidth.

Smart Home Technology via IP

In 2011, MOBOTIX expanded the product range with a hemispheric IP Video Door Station including IP-RFID reader and SIP telephony. In 2013, the functionality was enhanced by a flat wall mount display with RFID writer. So talking with a person in front of a door or switching the light remotely from anywhere in the world via a smartphone became reality. With the encrypted two-wire bus MxBus, IO-functions for smart homes and alarm systems can be easily extended to the cameras or the IP door station. MOBOTIX offers IO-, GPS-, temperature- and other accessories as well as radar-based proximity sensors via MxBus.

The New Benchmark in Lowlight for Objects in Motion

The MOBOTIX 6MP cameras have an outstanding increase of light sensitivity of more than 100-times than the former 3MP cameras. The monochrome version reaches even a 300-times higher sensitivity than the previous series. Instead of one full second of exposure time the new 6MP systems can select only 1/100 s which results in capturing even fast moving objects in low light conditions.


MxManagementCenter • A New Milestone in Professional VMS Technology

In summer 2015, the new platform-independent professional VMS software “MxManagementCenter” was...

MOBOTIX AG Kaiserstrasse 67722 Langmeil Germany +49 6302/9816-0


MOBOTIX Indoor Cameras • Competitive without Compromise

The new indoor cameras are especially designed to be very competitive and at the same time...

MOBOTIX AG Kaiserstrasse 67722 Langmeil Germany +49 6302/9816-0


Smart Home Technology via IP

In 2011, MOBOTIX expanded the product range with a hemispheric IP Video Door Station including...

MOBOTIX AG Kaiserstrasse 67722 Langmeil Germany +49 6302/9816-0


M15 Thermal

In 2014, MOBOTIX launched thermal cameras for detecting objects and persons in complete darkness by...

MOBOTIX AG Kaiserstrasse 67722 Langmeil Germany +49 6302/9816-0


S15 • Flexible up to 3 Meters. Discreet and Flexible Dual-Lens Camera

The S15 is a flexible camera with two discreet video modules to be connected via a 3 m cable. From...

MOBOTIX AG Kaiserstrasse 67722 Langmeil Germany +49 6302/9816-0

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