Koninklijke Moorman Karton Weesp BV (Royal Moorman Karton)

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  • Pampuslaan 125
  • 1382 JM Weesp
  • Netherlands


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Royal Moorman Karton exhibit at the Creative World from 27-30 January 2018.

Company and business activities:

Royal Moorman Karton has been in existence since 1912. Moorman's first location was in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where we started by selling cardboard.

Since 1970, the offices and production facilities of Moorman Karton have been located in Weesp. In addition, we have a large warehouse in Winschoten.

Royal Moorman Karton is a producer of foamboard for bookbinding, exclusive matboard, high-quality museumboard and ragboard.

These finished and semi-finished products are distributed to a great variety of customers, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, Moorman produces several types of self-adhesive boards and point-of-sale material. For many years, Moorman has been a multifaceted wholesaler in cardboard, paper and related products Moorman can cut, die-cut or saw. Royal Moorman has a large range of materials for Hobby, Crafts and Artists' Requisites such as foamboard, suede, artboard, colourboard, all black and all white board

We have endless possibilities for creative solutions.

Range of services

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special cardboard for when it can only be dyed black or dyed white. Gives books and covers that special design. Easy to cut and laminate.


Especially for picture framing, presentation, exhibitions, screen-printing, sign, models, photo mounting, 3 dimensional modelling, graphic arts and every type of point of sale display and other 1001 applications.

Foamboard is made of polystyrene foam, free of CFC’s.

Foamboard is highly suitable for processing, multifunctional, strong and lightweight.

Foamboard is available in different specifications and colours and one or two sided self-adhesive, natural and acid free.

Foamboard in 120 specifications, 1,2,3,5,10 mm, from A4 up to 140x4305 cm

Foamboard Natural in white and black is a unique product for modelling

For the finishing touch you can use the Moorman standard/easel which are available in white and selfadhesive white and black in different sizes.

Dainel Suède: a timeless classic.

Its pH is slightly basic, which is particularly relevant in areas where the preservation of documents, photos, archives is requested.

Lynel Suède: innovative covering material.

Suitable for: agendas, photoalbums, stationary and bookbinding, luxury packaging, perfume and wine boxes, cards.

MIRRIPRODUCTS We have a large range of Mirri products, metallic paper and boards

For a highly decorative and eye catching effect and are often used in the promotion of innovative, premium, market leading or creative projects.

Mirri products are print, fold and glue friendly. Suitable for: perfumery & cosmetics, DVD & software, point of sale, luxury packaging, book jacket, seasonal instore POS, multimedia & film promotional display, luxury POS, window displays, spirits & Champagne.


All kind of self-adhesive boards, lightweight panels and self-adhesive polystyrene in different thicknesses and sizes. They are used for framing, mounting of posters, photos, digital prints, cards, embroidery etc.For creative handicraft and personal expression.

COLOURBOARD: Dyed board in different colours for special designs, books, cards, boxes or covers

ARTBOARD: Board for art, craft and presentation, Ideal for 3D design work

Matboard and Museumboard: Moorman has a wide range of matboard in more than 600 colours and over 1800 specifications.With paper, suede and linen surface. Standard core, white core, white and coloured alpha cellulose core or black core in different sizes.


Moorman Foamboard

MOORMAN FOAMBOARD Especially for picture framing, presentation, exhibitions, screen-printing,...

Koninklijke Moorman Karton Weesp BV (Royal Moorman Karton) Pampuslaan 125 1382 JM Weesp Netherlands +31 294413951 info@moorman.nl

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Creativeworld 2018

27.01.2018 - 30.01.2018 Hall: 4.1 Stand: A 68