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Moto-Remo Burzynscy Sp.J. is Polish authorized representative of the world's largest manufacturers of turbochargers i.e. Garrett by Honeywell, BorgWarner Turbo, Systems(KKK, Schwitzer) and Mitsubishi. Moto-Remo has existed on the turbochargers and air compressors market since 1993. With almost 20 years of experience, mutual cooperation, exchange of experience and skilled staff allows us to provide high quality services. Training  under the supervision of world-class professionals and access to manufacturers technology enriches our workforce with the knowledge and experience necessary to perform services at the highest level and puts Moto-Remo in the leading position on the Polish market. Confirmation of the highest quality of service can be shown by numerous prizes and awards granted to us by the manufacturers of turbochargers. In addition Certification of the Polish Automotive Institute achieved for highest level of KnorrBremse and Wabco air compressors repairs shows the high quality of our services. To meet an ever increasing customer expectations we constantly improve our  high-quality machinery and workshop facilities. As a trade and service company we work closely with leading automotive companies and workshops of renowned automotive brands in Poland and Europe also well-functioning logistics allows to cooperate with companies from around the world. We look forward to cooperation in range of turbochargers and air compressors sales and repairs which are used in the automotive industry.

Range of services

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The area of our company main activities consists of sales, repair and diagnostics of turbochargers and air compressors. As an authorized representative of the worldwide leading manufacturers of turbochargers (Garrett, BorgWarner, MHI), we provide the highest quality of goods and services. All repair procedures are carried out in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations with using only genuine parts and modern equipment. In 2011 we were appointed Garrett Performance Distributor and joined a small group of companies that offer turbochargers for motorsports. Our web shop  offers wide range of products used for engine modifications.

Repair of air compressors used in trucks pneumatic systems is a subject on which Moto-Remo seems to be the perfect partner. High quality of air compressors repairs is  confirmed not only by our clients, which are the largest transport companies in Poland and the public transport sector in major Polish cities, but also a certification of Polish  Automotive Institute  which we obtained for highest quality standards used during KnorrBremse and Wabco air compressors repairs. Our regenerated air compressors  maintain same operating parameters as brand new ones.



Moto-Remo provides turbochargers used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks. As a...

Moto-Remo Burzynscy Spólka Jawna Bydgoska 35 14-200 Ilawa Poland +48 89/6486776


Performance turbochargers

Moto-Remo provides a performance products which are dedicated for a motorsports vehicles. As a...

Moto-Remo Burzynscy Spólka Jawna Bydgoska 35 14-200 Ilawa Poland +48 89/6486776


C3 Products

C3 turbochargers are remanufactured by Moto-Remo, we use genuine BorgWarner parts only. C3 product...

Moto-Remo Burzynscy Spólka Jawna Bydgoska 35 14-200 Ilawa Poland +48 89/6486776

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