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Fascinating lighting design and acoustic engineering in one

Light and acoustics are two of the most important elements in one’s experience of a room. Nowadays, the trend in modern architecture is to create big open areas in which sound reflective materials, such as glass and concrete, are frequently used. These aspects make it difficult to create an environment with the right amount of light and good acoustics.

With the Atlantis Multiline introduces a product that combines light and acoustics in a unique way. The concept allows us to offer two solutions in one product, completely tailored to the needs of the customer. This design clearly finds its application in offices, meeting venues, hotels, universities, etc. It improves the performance of people by reducing bothersome noises and providing optimal lighting.

Sound absorption

Basotect is a lightweight material made from melamine foam. This foam has very good thermal and especially excellent acoustic properties. It has a high sound absorbing functionality thanks to its open cell foam, which can be entered easily by sound waves. As a result, the distance of the reverberation decreases, while speech clarity at a short distance improves.

Fire protection

The Atlantis meets the highest international fire regulations. The product has been B1 certified according to the DIN 4102 norm and is resistant to temperatures of up to 240° C. The material does not melt nor does it create any burning droplets. It simply begins to char. The acoustic panels are manufactured without the use of halogenated hydrocarbons, flame retardants or toxic heavy metals.

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The acoustic modules have the shape of a rectangle with sleek proportions (0.5 x 1.0 x 0.05 m), are cut from a 5 cm thick basotect foam sheet and finished with a flocklayer in the standard colours light grey or middle grey. They can be used in combination with existing light profiles from Multiline: Rekta 40, Rekta 65, Rekta 80 and Edge 55. Naturally, the lighting functionality of the products remains the same. There are three ways to mount the panels next to the light profile with the use of mounting brackets and if necessary counterweights. These components can be powder coated in any RAL colour of choice.

Installation methods

  • symmetric: 2 panels and 2 mounting brackets
  • asymmetric: 2 panels, 3 mounting brackets and 2 counterweights
  • single panel: 1 panel, 2 mounting brackets, 2 counterweights

It is also possible to install the panels against a wall or ceiling. There are 2 options: panels installed directly against the wall with magnets or panels installed at a distance from the wall with magnets and stand-off mounts.

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