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Nagares was born when HerminioNavalon due to his entrepreneur character, decided to stablishan electrome-chanical workshop for cars and trucks in MotilladelPalancar (Spain).

With the background acquired in his previous work at Femsa (today Bosch), our founder developed and manufactured by hand a special version of flasher unit which was installed on the trucks arrived to his workshop with failure in the original device. The product had a great ac-ceptance by the truck drivers market and it was requested to be installed even in trucks which didn’t have any failure on the original part (yet).

It was such a success that, few months later, Pegaso (old truck maker in Spain later on purchased by Iveco) heard and tested the parts made by HerminioNavalon. Later on, Pegaso  contacted to our founder asking him to manufacture his flasher unit, in an industrial way as the original part for new manufactured trucks. After that agreement, HerminioNavalon stopped the activities on the worshop and and founded Nagares, S.L., as company dedicated to the serial manufacturing of such a flasher unit.

Few months later a new flasher unit special for buses and trucks was patented and put on the market. It was called the Alternative Flasher Unit.

Some more flashers units and a new range or products such as relays and timers were developed in the following years, allowing to Nagares to get more customer and in-crease its revenues, always using at that time, the electromechanical relay as the core technology used on all of these products.

Latest 90’s it was a key time for Nagares, as it was decid-ed to leave the electromechanical relays as core technology, being replaced by electronic solid state relays (semiconductors), with more sophisticated electronic and software developments, integrating more functions and with a better quality and reliability. GND, S.A. (Development Nagares group, the current R&D center of Nagares) was built. It was how Nagares started to get focused on power electronic components and systems for automotive, where today is a market reference.

Understanding our history it is possible to better follow our values, which leaded Nagares to be deployed as it is today. Innovation, effort, quality, perseverance. These values were the pillars of our growth and remain the same today in order to grant the satisfaction of our customers, as it always was.

Mission & Strategy

Providing to our customers with complex power electronic solutions at the best quality, price, high flexibility and confidentiality while protecting our environment.

Why at the best price?

Flexibility and optimization due to a structure adapted to our size, highly vertical integration of manufacturing technologies (metal stamping, plastic injection, overmolding, SMT assembly, clean room and final assembly of electronics) and a high investment of R&D in order to improve our know-how.

Why do we provide the best quality?

Automatic processes, strong internal policy of quality and highly-experimented manpower working together with new young engineers with new ideas, allow us to create a manufacturing atmosphere with a quality rate with our customers lower than 3 ppm.

Why can we perform in a flexible way?

The quickness in decision making processes, due to the physical proximity at work of the key people for that process enable us to be independent and provide answers and solutions in a short time to our customers.

Why do we ensure a high confidentiality?

Our human and professional values force us to act with the highest responsibility, respect and confidentiality towards our partners, customers or suppliers. Moreover, we choose our suppliers and partners demanding to them to have the same respect concerning these values.

Why do we respect the environment?

Nagares has launched an internal plan named "Ecoenergia 2013" to be used until the end of 2015 which targets a cut of 30% on the electrical power today’s used.We comply with ISO 14001 since 2009, provide our manpower with all the needed tools to manufacture reducing to the minimum the impact of our processes in the nature. Furthermore, our products are designed in order to improve efficiency of the cars which will use them.


The Nagares Group complies with the following quality certifications:

ISO 9001, general purpose

ISISO TS/16949, automotive sector

ISO 14001 environmental

All of our management systems, administration, develop-ment, validation and manufacturing have been audited by our OEM customers to whom we are supplying with our parts: Renault, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat, etc.

We have our own quality standard performing internal audits to our manufacturing centers, departments, management system, etc.

Due to the fact that in Nagares we count with several different manufacturing technologies where the quality targets should be totally different, we have an internal quality system based on the customer-supplier relationship between the different centers of manufacturing and management within the Nagares group. On this way, when any quality failure is detected in a manufacturing center but created in a different one, the customer-center demands to the supplier all the usual quality control and follow activities as 8D, evidences showing, audits, etc.

We own all the required control tools and equipment needed to validate any Nagares product, no matter if it is in the development, validation or already in its manufactur-ing phase.

All of our parts are delivered after being 100% tested in different proofs as AOI (automatic optical inspection) for mounted components and soldering quality, Electrical test-Test in circuit, thermal test, EOL functional test, laser control of width of soldering paste at SMT lines, ionic pollution control and dimensional test with automatic optical systems.

Finally, some other tests are frequently passed as R-X, bonding control quality, etc.


Flasher Units and Relays

Flasher units 12V Passenger Cars with Trailer. Flasher Units 24V Industrial Vehicles with Trailer. ...

NAGARES S.A. Ctra. Madrid-Valencia Km. 196 16200 Motilla del Palancar Spain +34 969/180021

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