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  • 3 Denjiyama, Narumi-cho, Midori-Ku
  • 458 8530 Nagoya
  • Japan


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The origin of Narumi Corporation was founded in 1911. Since that time we have concentrated in producing fine quality porcelain tableware. In 1965, Narumi Corporation committed itself to the development and mass production of finest quality bone china and achieved success, taking it as our mission to provide delight and luxury in every aspect of life. Since then, Narumi Bone China has been treasured as a leading brand throughout the world.

Narumi Bona China was brought to perfection by combining traditional elegance fostered over many years with modern technology and immense research and development efforts.

With its sublime and delicate beauty, fine translucence and elegant glaze, the beauty of bone china not only ornaments the table, but also fills the heart of the user with delight and satisfaction. Its exquisite texture, refines style, elegant design and originality have established Narumi Bone China throughout the world as products of outstanding quality.

More special feature is available for its durability and toughness. Generally speaking, the strength of bone china for chipping is about 2.5 times stronger than regular porcelain ware.

Narumi Bone China has been selected and used at a lot of banquets and coffee shops in 5 star hotels all over the world with no complains nor troubles in concern with its durability. And Narumi Bone China also has been used at first class cabin of Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and so on.

As pointed out in the above, Bone China itself is much stronger than regular porcelain, since the row materials of “bone ash” becomes an important part to have each element in the raw materials combined together very tightly and also make impurities in the raw materials vanished during the high temperature firing.

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History of Narumi

1911 - Established as Imperial Seito (China manufacturer), later changed its name to Nagoya Seito

1938 - Nagoya Seito built a new plant at Narumi town, Nagoya, Japan

1943 - Sumitomo Metal Industries acquired Narumi Plant of Nagoya Seito

1946 - Production of high grade Western tableware started after end of World War 2nd

1950 - Narumi China Corporation was established

1965 - Production and sales of bone china was started Export of bone china dinner set started as the first manufacturer in Japan

1970 - Production of technical ceramics started at Mine city, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

1984 - Production at Mie Narumi (Plant) was started

1991 - Technical ceramic division was divided into Sumitomo Metal Ceramics

1996 - Production at PT Narumi Indonesia was started

2000 - Production facilities at Nagoya plant was transferred to Mie Narumi

2003 - The Division of Industrial Devices succeeded in gaining the license of ISO9001

2004 - The Division of Industrial Devices succeeded in gaining the license of ISO14001

2006 - Management Buy Out (MBO) was executed from Sumitomo Metal Industry (independence of capital)

2015 - Narumi Corporation became a member of Ishizuka Group


Narumi Bone China

Special feature of Narumi Bone China 1) Delicate and warmhearted white body color: Body color of...

Narumi Corporation 3 Denjiyama, Narumi-cho, Midori-Ku 458 8530 Nagoya Japan +81 52 8962220

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