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PYTT became a reality in 2015, the result of our love of design, interiors, and the never-ending challenge of creating something new. PYTT originates from the Danish word “pyt”, which means never mind: Never mind that it may seem a bit chaotic to begin with, never mind what other people think – at PYTT we make the leap and dare to succeed. No more same old. Sometimes you have to make a leap into the dark if you want to make something new, something special. This is our approach with our products, created from classic and quality-conscious design that wants to be seen and appreciated.

  At PYTT, we create functional, minimalist and detail-orientated interior design products.

Scandinavian design is part of many people’s homes, because people love its pure and simple expression, which can easily be included in modern homes, combined with new trends and old finds. At PYTT, this is part of our DNA. But life does not stand still. So we have evolved and created a new series of products, which are a unique and inspiring mix, incorporating timeless and contemporary design.   Acting in a responsible way is hugely important to us – environmentally, ethically and financially. This personal ethos permeates through PYTT, from our choice of materials, responsible production methods based on European standards, and our focus on generating as little waste as possible. We believe you can feel it when you hold a PYTT product in your hands.   Our homes are expressions of who we are and how we feel. Whether you prefer the minimalist style or a style that is more untraditional and different, when you bring that new item into your home it has to feel right. So that you feel at home in your own home, the way you feel comfortable inside your own skin. We believe in that too. We work very closely with designers and production experts. We always have high quality materials close at hand. The leap from idea to action takes only a moment. We can quickly try out new ideas and inspire one another with creative feedback, by sharing and exchanging our different views. This is the wellspring that shapes the look of our products.

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Become a retailer for PYTT

PYTT products is of contemporary quality. This is best experience firsthand, which is why we are always on the lookout for new retailers. If you own a web shop or have a store, we would like to get to know you.

It’s also possible for a company to buy gifts for employees or costumers with extra benefits.

For us, the importance is that our products get used, so that the costumer can enjoy our designs.


Coat Hanger, Rings and more

Lovely and stylish wooden hanger, which can be hung directly onto PYTT’s Hook It, or hung up in a...

PYTT Living ApS Industrivej 11 6650 Brørup Denmark +45 88341212



Upgrade your bedroom with a cool and extraordinary headboard from PYTT. It contains a thin foam...

PYTT Living ApS Industrivej 11 6650 Brørup Denmark +45 88341212


Floor Pillow

Create a different and cool vibe in your living room, with the Floor Pillow. Utilize this pillow as...

PYTT Living ApS Industrivej 11 6650 Brørup Denmark +45 88341212


4folder Pouf

A magic cube. Materials: The Pouf 4folder comes in Dark Grey or Light Grey wool – with our own...

PYTT Living ApS Industrivej 11 6650 Brørup Denmark +45 88341212


Acoustic Plates

A nice home can be made in many different ways. PYTT launches a series of acoustic plates which can...

PYTT Living ApS Industrivej 11 6650 Brørup Denmark +45 88341212

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