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As a leading protein producer Sonac is your innovative, reliable, fully compliant and sustainable partner for smart and recognized food ingredient solutions. We develop and offer you a complete range of functional animal proteins for custom-made meat applications.

Sonac has been part of Darling Ingredients since 2014 and has production sites all over the world. Our functional proteins are produced from blood, fat, bones and skins at ten different food grade production

facilities. We offer an innovative, comprehensive portfolio of functional proteins, every one of which is a sustainable and high-quality ingredient.

For meat product manufacturers, texture,

shape retention, juiciness, moisture retention and a clean label are key quality parameters. In addition to those factors, improving yield is also very important. This usually goes hand in hand with an improvement of quality.

Sonac has developed two new functional proteins that can achieve just that: ValoColl and Functional Poultry Protein (FPP).

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ValoColl is very suitable for manufacturers

of hotdogs or mortadella and for example, who are looking to reduce fat and increase yield.

The protein is a collagen and a strong emulsifier. In a pre-emulsion, sixty percent of the fat can be replaced by ValoColl. This also results in cost savings, due to the higher prices for fat compared to the pre-emulsion.

As the protein also binds water, it contributes to moisture retention. This results in a firmer texture. For manufacturers of frankfurters, this is very important: a frankfurter has to ‘snap’. ” For mortadella, firmness is important as a means of reducing cutting losses.

Functional Poultry Protein (FPP)

For meat processing companies looking

for a solid shape in the production of chicken nuggets, for instance, FPP is a highly suitable protein. 

Due to the protein’s production process, it brings a nice flavor of roast chicken. This protein is a good alternative to soy protein. FPP creates a ‘meaty bite’, in contrast to the rubber-like bite of products containing soy protein.

Like ValoColl, FPP is an emulsifier. This improves cooking yield, while it also

helps the breading to stick more easily to

the nugget. This cuts costs for manufacturers. Apart from chicken nuggets and other emulsified products, FPP is also suitable for tumbled and injected meat products.


Both proteins are allergen- and E-number free. With these functional and allergen free proteins, we offer our clients solutions to improve the quality of their meat products, while simultaneously increasing their yield.


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07.05.2016 - 12.05.2016 Hall: 4.0 Stand: E 61