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  • Zona P.I.P., Viale delle Imprese 3
  • 74020 Montemesola (TA)
  • Italy


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About Us

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Niteko s.r.l. is an Italian Company founded in 2011 and settled in Montemesola (TA), Italy.

The Company designs and produces LED Fixtures for street, industrial and large areas lighting, identified with “Eleva” brand and commercializes high efficiency products for indoor solutions with “Indoor” brand.

To this day Niteko has achieved great rewards.

In 2014 Niteko has been listed by the “Corriere della sera” journal among the 21 Italian startup of 1 million euro.

In 2015, Niteko has joined the “Startupitalia” top100 and has won the Castrum Minervae award, reserved to the Apulian company that has developed new processes in research and technological modernisation and that has positioned itself in the market with innovative products.

The founders are among world’s excellence, displaying the first prototypes of LED street lighting during an international conference IEEE, held in Hammamet, Tunisia back in 2007.

Since 2012 Niteko has obtained the ISO9001:2008 Certification (Quality Management System), through Rina S.p.a. Authority.

Rina subscribes to the International Agreement IQNet.In 2015, Niteko has obtained ISO14001:2004 Certification ( Environment Management System) through Dasa- Ragister Spa Authority.


Eco lamp is a non-profit Consortium, involved in the collection and treatment of worn-out low consumption light sources, that have some toxic components but recyclable up to 95%.

AIDI, Italian Lighting Association, established in 1958, ever since  has been conducting scientific, technical and cultural training to spread the awareness of problem connected to the lighting field.Since 2015 AIDI is an active memberof CIE (Commission International de l’Eclairage), the highest International Body related to Lighting.

Niteko has been a big player in the realization of several international projects with foreign partners in: Austria, France, Spain, Czech republic, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, Chile, Algeria, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Since 2013, the company promoted the international process expanding its market horizons and obtaining the PCP (Product Conformity Program) certification which guarantees that products are compliant to local requirements  of Saudi Arabia.

Niteko achieved the GOST R certification for Russian market on all LED devices and has lately started a certification process in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We give value to our products, we combine ethics, business and respect for the environment.

Range of services

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Main interest areas:


  • small, medium and big enterprises

  • Public Administrations

  • Public lighting Manager and energy services Companies ( ESCO)

  • Small, medium and big distribution 

  • BEMS ( Buildin Energy Management System)



A careful lighting design allows the lighting system to maximize its contribution on illuminating the selected space with the best performance.

The achievement of this goal is possible thanks to Niteko LIGHTING DIVISION, composed of a team of experts which starting from the evaluation of the objects to light up and the places where they are located, and undertaking regulatory, economic, energy, environmental and aesthetic analysis is able to establish the right kind, number and location of lighting fixtures to install in order to get the desired effect.Thanks to the usage of Illuminating Engineering Software, the staff is able to create Charts, Curves and Installation Diagrams providing help in the Exact Evaluation of Lighting Fixtures Installation points and in the measurement of the lighting Levels required by the customer and in compliance with regulations.

Innovative Design and Excellent Manufacture are the key words of Italian Brand; Made in Italy means also reliability and versatility of a company able to supply also high value services as:


  • Design and production on demand

  • Reconversion of existing products into LED technology

  • Pre and post - sales services 


Niteko. Made in Italy reliability.


Industrial light: Urano - Vega - Halley

 FLOODLIGHTS   The resistent and reliable fixture, the several optics available and mounting options...

NITEKO S.r.l. Zona P.I.P., Viale delle Imprese 3 74020 Montemesola (TA) Italy +39 0995671219


Street light: Guida&Futura

The street fixture Guida and Futura consist of die cast aluminium single body with wide cooling fins...

NITEKO S.r.l. Zona P.I.P., Viale delle Imprese 3 74020 Montemesola (TA) Italy +39 0995671219


Urban lighting design: Zenith - Victoria - Urban kit

Technologically advanced lamps that allow to take advantage from all benefits of LED, preserving...

NITEKO S.r.l. Zona P.I.P., Viale delle Imprese 3 74020 Montemesola (TA) Italy +39 0995671219


Indoor Light: New 2016

The lighting device has an attractive and minimal design suitable for several Indoor applications....

NITEKO S.r.l. Zona P.I.P., Viale delle Imprese 3 74020 Montemesola (TA) Italy +39 0995671219

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Light+Building 2016

13.03.2016 - 18.03.2016 Hall: 4.2 Stand: G 90