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FUGA is a brand of handmade household items (tableware, utensils, decor) made from natural materials. FUGA was established by Yana Osmanova in January 2015. The company is based in Moscow, and the manufacture is situated nearby. There are about 15 people working in our company (management, design, sales, pr&marketing, production).


FUGA designes and produces unique serial products and  customized projects. Product range is created for different purposes and cover a variety of styles. It includes kitchenware, decoration, bathroom things, furniture, tableware and decoration for hotels and restaurants and more to come. All the objects are inspired by Russian nature and culture. They are united by the idea of bringing beauty to everyday life.

FUGA is inspired by Russian nature, art and culture. We carefully bring traditional materials to the morden reality. We appeal to the Russian applied arts and culture, know and love craft traditions, work with traditional Russian materials and use proven technology. At the same time FUGA products are very up to date. FUGA builds up the new modern tradition of handcraft manufacturing.

FUGA’s mission is to bring beauty in the world and the everyday life of people.  We create a high-quality product that represents Russia at the global level. We make art  to be a part of everyday life, inspire people to accomplishments and make their lives joyful.

FUGA produces modern things with history. A profound research of artisanal traditions, global trends in product design, a careful selection of materials, a consideration of functionality and love for simplicity lays behind every collection. Our objects are made to be used for a long time and to fulfill everyday routine with sense.


We started with four basic collections of wooden items, named "North", "Salt", "Bread" and "Armor". FUGA Collections are created by Yana Osmanova. FUGA also releases capsular collections in collaboration with designers and artists all over the world on a regular basis.


Up to the moment FUGA had produced 9 collections, including collaborations, realized about 50 HoReCa projects. FUGA's products can be bought in more than 20 stores and chain stores at Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Ryazan, Ivanovo, Murmansk and other cities.

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FUGA is a brand of handmade household items  made from natural materials. FUGA designes and produces unique serial product and  customized projects. FUGA combines production capacity, which allows to make large volumes of items in time with guaranteed quality and variability using mostly the manual manufacturing.


The main products of FUGA are wooden dishes, utensils and home decor. First collections are made from oak. All FUGA items have two surfaces, one with decorative texture and the second with smooth surface. Textures are applied manually with chainsaw.   We live in the present and produce a product that meets modern realities (for example, our dishes can be washed in the dishwashing machine) and expectations of modern people.


FUGA things have two basic colors: light and dark. Wood acquires the dark color naturally  with the help of metal salts dissolved in water. They react with the tannins, which  wood is full of, whereby the color of  wood changes. We reproduce the natural process of bog wood. It can range from warm brown to charcoal black: coloring process is controlled manually and depends on the concentration of desired substances in each individual trunk. A compound we use, not only affects the color, but kills the tree fungus as well. Bright tone is the natural color of wood covered with linseed oil. Oil forms a hard protective film, the natural alternative to laquer. Wood becomes water-repellent. The wood doesn’t crack neither shrink, and this oil coating is natural analogue of lacquer and absolutely harmless.


We work in Russia and use Russian materials, raw, and personnel. We control the production process, make it clear at all stages, from ordering raw materials to packaging and delivery of finished goods to the customer. We buy wood for our products from suppliers that have a license to harvest wood. In production, located in the suburbs of Moscow, workplaces are equipped with everything necessary to observe safety precautions for working with the tool. Most of the workers are citizens of Russia, a small percentage of citizens of other countries have a work permition  in the country. We strictly follow step by step process: preparation of wood to work, cutting out pieces of the machine, applying texture manually using saws, sanding, toning products, drying and coating of linseed oil, again drying, cleaning, marking and packing. This makes it possible to control the quality of the product at all stages.


Medium cutting board, texture «Field», light tone

This cutting board from «Bread» ("Khleb") collection has two surfaces: a decorative textured and a...

OOO 'Remeslo937' 2-aya Roschinskaya, 3 115191 Moscow Russia +7 9162098952


Long serving board with a recess, texture «Snow», dark tone

This serving board from «North» («Sever») collection has two surfaces: a decorative textured and a...

OOO 'Remeslo937' 2-aya Roschinskaya, 3 115191 Moscow Russia +7 9162098952


Medium plate, texture «Snow», light tone

This plate from «North» ("Sever") collection has two surfaces: a decorative textured and a smooth...

OOO 'Remeslo937' 2-aya Roschinskaya, 3 115191 Moscow Russia +7 9162098952


Small oval tray with handles, dark tone

This multipurpose tray can be used as a large serving platter or as a tray, as an accent in the...

OOO 'Remeslo937' 2-aya Roschinskaya, 3 115191 Moscow Russia +7 9162098952


Plate «Willow», mahogany tone

This plate is a part of the “Leaves” collection. It is inspired by Russian trees.The "Leaves" is the...

OOO 'Remeslo937' 2-aya Roschinskaya, 3 115191 Moscow Russia +7 9162098952

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