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Our family company is located in the outskirts of Tallinn – the capital of Estonia. Tallinn is a picturesque city with rich and long history. It was first mentioned back in the year 1154. From 1219 until 1917 Tallinn was known as Reval, a name which was given to it by Scandinavian and German conquerers. The slogan of our company - Reval Candles Light from the past – underlines the old times, when candles were used to illuminate peoples houses.

     Originally, making candles was simply a hobby or an enjoyable tradition of our family, which helped us bond family tights. Together, every Christmas, we would make candles for our nearest relatives and friends. Later on also for the families of our friends, co workers, acquaintances, etc. Starting with 2004 we were receiving quite big orders and that was the time, we realized, that Reval candles are not only loved by us. From 2009 our production was presented on numerous Christmas markets all over Tallinn and since that time we decided to convert a hobby into a business.

     Our production was rapidly developing. Shortly after we started receiving orders from the owners of small businesses in the neighboring countries and that was the beginning of exporting abroad. As the demand kept growing, we made a decision to concentrate on the export thus taking it to another level. We understood that from now on our steps had to be decisive and already in 2012 we came to Frankfurt, Germany to represent our products at the International Christmas Fair – Christmasworld. This was a very valuable experience for our company that has demonstrated us the full potential of our goods. The goal was now clearer as ever – we wanted to come back to the fair with a breakthrough. The following year our company was working on a new product that could attract more clients. Scented Cubes are the result of that process.

     Nowadays, we are proud to say that we have a loyal customer base and exclusive distributors in numerous countries. One can find our products in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Hungary and Portugal.

     We sincerely hope, that Reval Candles will bring You warmth, positive energy and pleasant home atmosphere.

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  First candles ever were bowls filled with fat, first wax candles appeared in the Medieval times. For a long time, candles were very expensive, they were mainly used to illuminate houses. In order to bring light in one house, sometimes more then hundred candles were needed, they often produced a lot of smoke, unpleasant smell and dyed walls and ceilings black.


   A lot of time has passed, but candles are still a part of our lives. Today, however, they have changed their past direct function. We use candles to create cosiness, romantic atmosphere or to aromatize rooms.


   Contemporary markets are full of all kinds of candle products. Unfortunately many of the producers in a chase for bigger profits, forget about the quality of the components, candles are supposed to be made of. Their goal is to make as many candles at the cheapest price and not many are concerned with ecological issues.


  Only certified, world widely accepted components are used in our candles. That also makes them more expensive, comparing to the candles available on the market today. But we are, first of all, concerned about the health of our clients (who also include our families and friends) and the air we breath.


   When You are buying our production, You can be sure that You are buying a quality product. All of our candles are handmade, which makes them even more special and personal.


Scented Cubes

Aromatherapy is becoming more and more popular with every day. The idea of Scented Cubes was born...

Reval Candle Kose maantee 2a 74307 Kehra Estland +372 53415158


Scented Soy Wax Candles

It is more than clear that our planet is in a great need of care and attention from its inhabitants....

Reval Candle Kose maantee 2a 74307 Kehra Estland +372 53415158

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