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  • Via Risorgimento 35
  • 32040 Domegge di Cadore
  • Italy

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Pai Cristal S.r.l. is a modern and innovative  company, leader in the field of polishing and surface finishing whose multy-year experience is due to its staff devotion, passion and attention towards customers’ needs. Founded in 1965 in Milan, the firm is now located in Domegge di Cadore, in the hearth of Dolomites, where its Research and Development Department, through refined facilities, continues studying and testing well-advanced products for an always better surface finishing, with particular care for environmental conservation. Notable are the operating branches born in China and India, essential for an optimal Far East customers’ service.

The first testing ground of Pai products was surely manufacturer sector, in particular the one of jewelry and fashion accessories; to achieve than a perfect result in car and navy  industry. Jewel in the crown of the firm, PaiCar line offers a wide range of solutions for car body finishing; going from the easiest action to the ones requiring more complex methods and compounds.

Always careful towards market and customers’ needs, our company gives indeed to professional users and hobbyists the right answer they are waiting. Our aim is in fact the achievement of solutions which have to be the easiest and the more professional as possible, thus to avoid loss of time and materials and to obtain the best outcome in the fastest way.

Experience, innovation and practicality are the key words, that distinguish PaiCristal as one of the most competitive factories serving automotive and body shops.

Range of services

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If you are looking for a modern and innovative company, leader in the field of polishing and surface refinishing, Pai Cristal S.r.l. is exactly what you need. Being one of the best service providers for customers who need paint refinishing solutions; our firm, thanks to its multy-year experience, developed a wide range of compounds and accessories in support of polishing.

Through partnerships with the most important worldwide research centers, collaborations with paint producers and its widespread presence with distributors in more than forty countries, PaiCristal created a specialized line of products for car body care.

Jewel in the crown of the company is the Research and Development Department, that guarantees high quality and performance to PaiCar offer; constantly studying new formulations, and  breeding our staff thus to give an high technical support to clients .

Always subjected to  controls and tests, the compounds we suggest, give the possibility to extend the line of products with other formulations, thus to match more each market habit and peculiarity. The daily presence of our staff on the field , underlined also the needs of polishers, always pressed between  time and costs reducing. Our solution is therefore a new rapid system; do it quick and better is our motto. If you think this might be the answer to your issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

Fast: time reducing with less steps;

Easy: even non expert users can get top results;

Effective: up to mirror finishing, with no scratches and hidden holograms;

Clean: fat haze, dust, white patina on plastic and rubber, over splatting reduced to minimum;

those are the features of our products; that make us, all in all,

 masters in polishing.



Features: High-cutting compound used to remove very fast marks and sand scratches left from a...

Pai Cristal Italia S.r.l. Via Risorgimento 35 32040 Domegge di Cadore Italy +39 0435501668



SUPERFINISHER NANO PERFORMANCE POLISH Product - features: Nano performance finishing product...

Pai Cristal Italia S.r.l. Via Risorgimento 35 32040 Domegge di Cadore Italy +39 0435501668



Our easy restoring kit is a user-friendly and functional small box, containing everything you need...

Pai Cristal Italia S.r.l. Via Risorgimento 35 32040 Domegge di Cadore Italy +39 0435501668



Perfect for decontamination is our Silky Line, composed of a wide range of different products and...

Pai Cristal Italia S.r.l. Via Risorgimento 35 32040 Domegge di Cadore Italy +39 0435501668

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