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  • P.O. Box 253, Tavela Street
  • 244001 Moradabad
  • India

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About Us

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Paramount International an export house, manufacturing hand-crafted gift items, home decorations and lifestyle accessories. Our mother concern, Paramount Trading Corporation, was incorporated in 1958 by Late Haji Mohd. Ahsan Shamsi, who was the chairman of the company having over 40-year experience in Moradabad Handicraft Industry. Today, Paramount International is headed by Mr. Mohd. Akram Shamsi and his son, Mr. Mohd. Altuf Shamsi.

Our Factories, where everything is manufactured in-house, state of the art, new machinery and has a workforce of around 400 employees, besides the labor we hire on contractual basis. The factories are managed by a team of highly experienced and trained personnel backed by cumulative knowledge bade of more than 50 years in the industry. Our well defined processes and procedures across all our divisions, be it production, finishing, quality control or packing, ensure 100% quality and timely delivery to the satisfaction of our customers.

Paramount International is an independent, well established concern and our mother concern had won many national export awards. During last 25 years, due to its highest and best performance in export, it was recognized by the Govt. of India as a “Trading House” (First Company to achieve this status among exporters of Brass Art ware of India).

Paramount International has its own manufacturing units and hand art wares are made on cottage industry basis and therefore company provided livelihood to over 500 artisans, directly or indirectly who are experienced and hereditary skilled.

Branches in India

1. Moradabad (Head Office)

2. Chaudharpur - Production Unit # 1 (Metal & Glass)

3. Mangupura - Production Unit # 2 (Metal)

4. Saharanpur – Production Unit # 3 (Wooden Handicrafts)

5. Firozabad – Production Unit # 4 (Glass Handicrafts)

Product Range

Main products

Gifts and decorative articles like Candle Stands, T-Lights Holder, Lamps, Hotel wares, Lanterns, Votives, Vases, Floral, Planters, Christmas Ornaments, Incense Burners, Animal and Birds figurines, Jewelry articles like Necklaces, Bangles etc.

Utility Items

We manufacture some innovatively designed items like Buckets, Jars, Milk Jars, Wine coolers, Pill Boxes, Tea warmers, Jewelry Boxes, Goblets, Trays, Fruit Baskets and plates, Ashtrays, Lanterns, Frying Pans, Bowls, Coasters, Cigar Box, Bottle Openers, Tea kettles, Door Signs etc. All these articles have complete range in various designs, Shapes. Also with hand engraved artistic work, colored and plain.

Company has its own modern electroplating unit and has long range of Tea and Coffee Pot, Trays, Goblets, Beer Mugs and other articles silver-plated with engraved hand work.

Wooden Articles

The company owns a production unit for Wooden Art wared in Saharanpur, which is well known Wooden Handicraft centre. The main products are curious type of boxes, Jewelry boxes, Nautical Items, Wooden Furniture, Screens, Candle Stands, Trays, Fruit Plates, Paper Baskets, Serving Trays, Lamps and other articles of decoration with beautiful hand-carving are produced under expert supervision.

Glass Handicrafts

The company owns a production unit in Firozabad, producing Glass of high quality. The company also has a setup in Moradabad Factory for decorative cutting, Frosting, Etching etc. For fulfilling the colored glass requirements, company proudly owns a color unit, using imported colors which guarantee resistance against chemicals, water etc. Pot colored glass is also produced.

Customized Design Development

We have dedicated team of designers, who are always working towards designing unique and innovative products of high perceived value ensuring our ever expanding product range remains up to date with the current trends and forecasts. We also develop customized designed products for our customers and guarantee 100% exclusivity, if so desired by them.

Our creations, as all good creations, start from the drawing board. The designer sketches the products, experimenting with novel and fresh ideas, deciding the dimensions of the final product. Once a design has been approved, the second stage commences where the various aspects of the production process for the design are decided. This includes the material used in manufacturing and the finishing of the product. Finally, the moulds are prepared and the product is sent for the final manufacturing process.


We, at Paramount International, are working towards becoming India`s biggest 100% Export Oriented Unit in the Handicraft Industry. We are a one stop export house for our customers from where they can source just about anything they are looking for. We innovate the nature of gift articles and supply world class designs and quality with a very high perceived value to our customers, ensuring our products prove to be money spinners for them.


We believe that our most valued service is our commitment to our customers, commitment in designs and innovation, commitment in exclusivity, commitment in quality and commitment in timely deliveries. We believe that our customers are our business partners and we work together for building a relationship which benefits all parties involved and not only us. We don`t believe in cutting corners. We give our customers, excellent quality products and service based on mutual benefit and honesty.

Why Paramount International?

- Paramount International is not just another export house; it`s a brand which assures our customers or world class quality and designs. When you buy from us, you are buying PI branded accessories and gifts.

- We have our own manufacturing units and do not outsource or sub-contract. This enables us to have total control over quality, price and timely deliveries.

- Our Basic Business Philosophy comprises of our fundamental ideologies: Quality, Design, Care and Long term Customer Relationship. We run our company honestly and directly, accept responsibility for our actions and follow through on commitments and promises. We anticipate, understand and focus on our customer’s needs.

- Our industry thrives on innovation: creative product design is fundamental to our success. We constantly strive to deliver innovative products to the market and deliver superior value to our customers and shareholders.

- We are passionate about what we do and we are driven to excel in every aspect of our business.


Paramount International P.O. Box 253, Tavela Street 244001 Moradabad India +91 5912470544


Paramount International P.O. Box 253, Tavela Street 244001 Moradabad India +91 5912470544


Paramount International P.O. Box 253, Tavela Street 244001 Moradabad India +91 5912470544


Paramount International P.O. Box 253, Tavela Street 244001 Moradabad India +91 5912470544


Paramount International P.O. Box 253, Tavela Street 244001 Moradabad India +91 5912470544

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