30100 Magic clown

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Ceramic happy clown, handmade and hand painted in Italy with particular care for each details by Lino Zampiva and his team of artists.By using traditional techniques no two models are identical, each clown displays its own charm and elegance.

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Pastelceramica Snc di Zampiva Lino e C.

Via Vigazzolo 98/100
36054 Montebello Vicentino (VI)


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Range of services

First of all our clown is sketched on paper. After we would create its, using a very soft kaolin. Then there is the drying process. The clown is now ready to be baked at temperature of 950°C after we paint and vanish it.Finally there is a second baking always at 950°C.This cown has been painted with pearl finish and it is baked a third time at 730°.