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Bag 1950 with its stylish design and unique characteristics as useful and practical to shopping, beach or for the party. It is ergonomic and comfortable to carry. Perfect for every- day use.

The bag is a Swedish classic, designed at the beginning of the 1950s by the Swedish plastic company, at the time known as, Perstorp AB. In the mid 1960s the production of the bag was shut down, due to the store‘s began offering customers disposable plastic bags.

Perstorp Design is currently the only manufacturer in Perstorp left since the time and we carry on the plastic tradition. In 2006 started production again of the classic bag according to the original design.

The bag is light, stable, easy to clean and eko friendly. Made of recyclable plastic and ideal to use instead of the store‘s disposable plastic bags.

1950 Original - Perstorp Design - Bioplastic

Our ”Green Plastic” products are made of green polyethylene consisting of renewable raw materials such as corn, cassava, sugar cane or beet. Bioplastics / Green Plastic can be recycled in the same way as ordinary plastic.

Contact details

Perstorp Design AB

P.O. Box 137
284 22 Perstorp


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Range of services

Dimensions: 43 x 18 x 24 cm + handles 16,5 cm.

Made in Sweden.

Perfect for:

  • Shopping
  • Picnic
  • The beach
  • Hobby
  • Garden
  • Scrapbooking
  • Storage in the car, stables etc.
  • Practical and colorful design detail.