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Professional LED work lights

Our LED work lights are designed to illuminate every detail with pinpoint precision letting you focus on getting the job done. So, no matter how challenging the situation is, when it puts your skills to the test, you can be sure you've got the right tools for the job.

These powerful inspection tools are available in either rechargeable, cabled or hybrid versions.

Powerful LED light for comfortable, safe working

High power LEDs for maximum light performance. Our lamps feature powerful, high-quality LEDs for a bright, intense light with maximum performance that optimizes clarity and vision.

Extremely durable with extra resistant housings

Extra robust with water, dirt and dust protection. In extreme environments you need tools that are up to the job. Our lamps are water, dirt and dust protected to IP54 and IP67 (for PJH20) standards, so they shrug off whatever life throws at them.

Durable housings that are impact and shock resistant. Designed for durability, they feature impact- and shock-resistant housings that pass the IK07 and IK09 (for Philips PJH20) drop tests with flying colors.

Highly resistant to grease and workshop solvents. They are also highly resistant to the grease, chemicals and solvents that are commonly used in workshops, so you can place them anywhere, worry free.

Hands-free working

Work better with hands-free lighting. Our lamps come with clever hooks, clips, detachable cables and magnets, so you can use two hands when you are working and improve your performance. Shadow-free beams for optimal visibility. Wide and focused beams optimize visibility and eliminate shadows, so our lamps are comfortable and easy on the eye.

The right lamp for the job

We offer a versatile range that covers every garage need. The range of LED professional work lamps provides the best light for every workshop task, from brief inspections to maintenance and repair work. From professional workshop LED penlights and inspection lamps to rechargeable work lamps and multi-directional lighting systems, we have the right lamp for the job.

The batteries in all our lamps are designed to last from 5 to up to 11 hours. So you can work a full day without interruption and recharge them overnight, ready to start work again the next day.

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Automotive Driving Recorders (ADR)

GoSure ADR820

The Philips GoSure ADR820, is a premium modular automotive driving recorder that lets users easily add GPS and Full HD rear camera functions*. Now drivers can capture their journey in sharp and vivid detail. With a 2.7” LCD screen, drivers get instant video playback of any incident, including a date and time stamp. Having a super wide 140° angle, the camera enables to record up to 3 lanes of traffic. Equipped with a highly sensitive Sony image sensor and bright F1.8 lens, obtain a sharp, pixel-perfect recording of your drive whatever the condition, the quality is unrivalled. With a built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, users can live stream recorded videos to a smartphone**.  This vital evidence is also protected. Equipped with a 3-axis G-sensor module, Philips GoSure ADR820 detects any movement and triggers an emergency recording mode immediately at point of impact. During a collision that exceeds a certain force threshold, the device locks the recorded video clip to prevent it being overwritten – safely securing this on a durable memory card.

*Modules sold separately

**File format is .mp4

GoSure ADR620

In case the unexpected happens, the Philips GoSure ADR620 helps drivers by automatically recording the situation in sharp Full HD – with optional GPS locator module* – to ensure accurate evidence of any incident. With its Full HD 1080p video capabilities, the Philips GoSure ADR620 records a driver’s travel in detail, even when driving at night. Not only do they get clear evidence of the identity and actions of other road users, including the ability to record license plate numbers up to 6 meters away, the video can prove the location of their car. With a 120° wide angle lens, it captures a more complete picture of any incident in front of the vehicle.

*Modules sold separately

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