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  • Sutluce M. Eski Karaagac C. Beyoglu
  • 34445 Istanbul
  • Turkey

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After more than twenty years with passion and experience, Apia has decided to turn their enthusiasm in devoting itself to meeting the needs of sound reinforcement professionals. Apia offers the finest products available, including the industries most extensive and knowledgeable customer service support. Apia has developed and manufactured a complete line of superior loudspeaker products using the most advanced technology for the professional touring and installation market.


The Installation Series have the unique capability of delivering an incredible amount of pure and clear sound. These systems are designed for portable sound reinforcement and for fixed installations. With Their 90 ° of conical dispersion, the Ciwi and Cimi series are a perfect fit in the most common applications of sound reinforcement. With an extremely powerful and authentic sound These products are perfectly suited for disco clubs, lounge bars, restaurants, shopping malls, cruise ships, sports arenas, outdoor and indoor parking areas and for all general indoor and outdoor audio applications. Integrating the powered subwoofers from Apia's C series (Sub-C and C-Infra) Ensures excellent coverage of the entire musical frequency range down to 25 Hz.s


The Apia AXI series uses a coaxial speaker technology as a technical solution with proven effectiveness in quality for the professional audio market. This technology has demonstrated numerous advantages over classic two-way speaker systems which typically suffer from interference around the crossover point resulting in lobing and uneven frequency and power response. The natural studio monitor sound quality and the aural sensation of transparent sound, typical of coaxial systems, is adapted in the AXI series for proximity applications such as stage monitoring, front-fills, under-balcony fills and FOH live monitoring. The point source technology is perfectly suited for distributed applications in semi-reverberant spaces where a single reflected source offers a more coherent radiation field with less reflected virtual sources than a dual acoustic source which is typical of horn-woofer combinations.


Three line of Array systems, the first is the MIO as small, NUA medium and ARYO the largest of the series, all with their own sub. (MIO Sub / NUASub / RS Sub). The line array is completed by accessories for touring and the set-up of the systems for various applications.

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Apia, develops and manufactures a complete line of superior, advanced technology loudspeaker products for the professional touring and installation market. Designed and constructed to exacting specifications, every stage of loudspeakers is produced entirely in-house. This meticulous craftsmanship and attention to details, shows how seriously we believe in our ideas. Apia’s continuous pursuit of sonic excellence has led to a number of important patents, being published, in key loudspeaker technologies which have set new standards throughout the world. Apia’s continued success in bringing significant cutting edge technology to the end-user has equated the Apia brand name around the world with excellence and distinction. Apia’s audio products are easily integrated for a variety of social activities. All the Apia’s speaker series are designed following the results of research and development for every day use. Apia’s speakers are properly designed for outdoor events, theaters, cinemas, cafe, pub, DJ set, congress and civic centers. Places where different social activities are done.


THE APIA’S FACTORY: 3772 sqm of closed area 2744 sqm of open area. Metal laser Cutting, Wood, Varnishing and Quality Control departments are our production areas where specialists develop and assemble our products by following standar Safety on performing electronic and physical for to establish the highest level of security for the consumer.


APIA’s R&D department is where the rubber meets the road. A good idea is just that without a great group of people to realize it. Utilizing the best personnel in amplifier and speaker development, APIA has created a team of informed and experienced individuals that know how to make real what has been envisioned in a logical and stream line format.  


Through our customer service you can have specific support for servicing, software control network and warranty.The Apia brand guarantees that its products will be du- rable and accurate and will serve the end user for many long years.



The Axi-Mray is excellent for proximity applications. Their line sources stand in between variable...

APIA PRO AUDIO Sutluce M. Eski Karaagac C. Beyoglu 34445 Istanbul Turkey +90 2123111110 info@pst.com.tr

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