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As an international enterprise planlicht is specialised in the production and distribution of high-quality luminaires and lighting systems for shops and office area. First-class service standards and a strong focus on Human Centric Lighting set us apart from our competitors.

The usual becomes special

It is time for great ideas. At planlicht you can avail of collaboration and cooperation based on partnership, and you can rely on consistency in service, ecologically sustainable products and a clear focus on newest technologies. Apart from carefree project execution, your advantages include well-porportioned, unique products and you benefit at all times from the knowledge that planlicht products guarantee sustainable quality assurance by Austrian fabrication. At the same time our recommendations provide you with limitless free space for your personal liberty and freedom of thought. You have the assurance that the range of products specified jointly is matched perfectly to your project in order to create unique moods and emotions in your premises as a result. The planlicht products create an atmosphere; they are fascinating, vibrant, touching and have an aesthetic design vocabulary. These planlicht products can be integrated in architectonic surroundings and underscore them by accentuated illumination.

Range of services

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planlicht manufactures biodynamic and architectural lighting solutions for shops and office space.

planlicht is enthusiastic about providing quality products, planning assistance and ensuring reliable delivery. In addition to our simple and timeless design, we offer a myriad of flexible possibilities enabling customized solutions.

Form completed with colour

Through our partnership with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, planlicht offers the 63 exclusive Le Corbusier colour-palett for our entire product range (Profile, Surface and Ring Luminaries).

This exceptional Swiss artist developed his unique colour system in two phases: the first in 1931, using 43 subdued shades, and the second in 1959, with 20 bold and dynamic colours.

His colour pallet is based on a reoccurring selection of basic shades, from which Les Corbusier derived other shades.

The colours are naturally harmonious and can be uniquely combined and are to date the most outstanding results of Le Corbusier’s skills and experience as an architect, designer, artist and colour designer.

Healthy light puts you in focus.

HCL - Human Centric Lighting

Since mankinds first steps, our bodies and inner clock have been influenced by the sun’s motion. Daily routines and rest periods are dependant on this daily cycle.

The early morning rays of the sun are just as important as the soothing evening light for our comfort, mood and well-being.

The absense of natural light throws the biological rhythm of balance. High quality, biodynamic LED lighting can positive influence the biological rhythm.

Sunlight is the source of energy for life and essential for our health. It contributes to synthesis of vital substanees, increases hormones and gives the rhythm of the day facilitating, motivation and relaxation. By fire tuning emitted sunlight, the properties of the real sun can be appreciated indoors.

Considering our large range of biodynamic luminaries, planlicht offers unique solutions tailored to specific needs and requirements.



High-quality LED panel luminaires in flat, round (lili) or square (liha) design. Composed of...

planlicht GmbH & Co. KG Fiecht Au 25 6134 Vomp Austria +43 524271608



High-quality Ring LED luminaries with the illuminating body composed of 4-5 segments of welded...

planlicht GmbH & Co. KG Fiecht Au 25 6134 Vomp Austria +43 524271608



High-quality LED panel luminaries in a compact flat design composed of smoothly welded powder-coated...

planlicht GmbH & Co. KG Fiecht Au 25 6134 Vomp Austria +43 524271608



High-quality Ring LED luminaries with direct-indirect lighting in a compact design composed of...

planlicht GmbH & Co. KG Fiecht Au 25 6134 Vomp Austria +43 524271608

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