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All types of SOLAFLON are liquid fluoropolymers with solid contents from 3% up to 45%, depending on the application or requirements and are pure without any other polymer matrix. Solvent based this technology allows applying Fluoropolymers “cold”, which is quite unusual to Fluor polymers and allows us protecting even temperature sensitive substrates as aramids, PEEK foils or Kevlar substrates.

With their fluoropolymer origin they have in common the UV and weathering stability combined with a high transparency in the UV and visible. Also the absorption in the full range of the infrared is limited. This optical neutrality of such a polymer matrix allows a big range of applications and is also the base for high quality paints. Technically performing with high chemical resistance to most aggressive media also such as nerve agents, even heavy weathering and soiling are not really challenging to sheer Fluoropolymers especially SOLAFLON.

All SOLAFLON`s are available with low surface tensions, means a hydrophobic and olio phobic behavior, what creates easy to clean surfaces and with defined additives a super hydrophobic a lotus effect.

POM has achieved long term experience in formulating recipes embedding custom-tailored functional additives in SOLAFLON i.e. transparent UV Blockers, Heat Stop pigments, Solar reflection additives, flame retardancy, and many more.

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SOLAFLON A - IR Reflection Fabric

Transparent Liquid Fluorpolymer - Solvent Base

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