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  • Via G.di Vittorio 8
  • 20065 Inzago (MI)
  • Italy

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About Us

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Pony was founded in 1958 by the Fumagalli brothers. Thanks to their far-sightedness, initiative and constant commitment they made their dream come true and started a business that became stronger and stronger. At that time Pony produced only small steam generators and ironing boards.

The work of its founders, who made PONY grow and become an international market leading company, thanks to their intuitions, their innovative spirit and their outstanding managing skills, is now carried forward with the same commitment and dedication by their children, who took the lead, and by a devoted team of qualified personnel.

This company, one of the first to offer the blowing technique on ironing boards, and to start the production of shirt finishers during the 90’s, nowadays offers a wide and complete range of products meeting all kinds of requirements in the different industries: laundries, dry-cleaning, textile manufacturing, and tourist facilities.

We currently have our own plant in Inzago, with an area of over 15,000 square meters, 10,000 of which are covered and equipped with all thecnologies, facilities and tools needed for the whole production process.

Our technical engineering department - 10 people always committed to the search for innovative solutions – guarantees constant technological evolution of our equipments. Research and development of our products are their main tasks, according to the tradition handed down by our founders.

After being designed, our machines are processed and assembled by our internal Metalworking Fabrication, Painting, and Assembly Departments, until their final testing stage in our Quality Control Department, and then delivered

Range of services

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The expertise of almost 60 years in manufacturing professional finishing and pressing equipment, materializes in a complete range of state-of-the-art technological and reliable products able to satisfy the needs of all professionals in the industry.

The range of equipment stretches from small generators and ironing tables , to pants toppers , garment form finishers , a complete and full range of shirt finishers including tensioning and blowing finishers as well as pressing finishers; presses both for laundry and dry cleaning , spotting tables and cabins , big steam generators.

The full line of shirt finishers deserves special consideration: Pony offers a diversified and complete line featuring both the blowing and the pressing technique and offering the customers the chance of operating on a specific shirt finisher or a universal former handling both wet and dry garments.

Through many years of experience and listening to customers’ feedback , PONY has been able to improve the speed and the quality of the machines to achieve an excellent looking shirt in less than 45 seconds (eg. on the rotary double buck shirt unit). New Shirt finishers also features energy saving options ,like the Hot Air Recovery System which recovers hot air from the former and reuses it on some critical points of the shirts to speed the drying time, thus cutting operating costs; the shoulder press speeding up the drying and finishing of shoulders and the yoke area ; round cuff clamps and cuff placket presses resulting in an impeccable finish of the shirt’s cuff and sleeve.


EAGLE - shirt finisher

The EAGLE has a wide range including men’s shirts, women’s blouses, polo shirts, medical uniforms,...

Pony S.P.A. Via G.di Vittorio 8 20065 Inzago (MI) Italy +39 029/54-9901 pony@ponyitaly.com


TWINS - double buck shirt finisher

Features: Compact rotary structure , with rotary system and both start and braking system...

Pony S.P.A. Via G.di Vittorio 8 20065 Inzago (MI) Italy +39 029/54-9901 pony@ponyitaly.com


QUAD - Quadruple rotary collar-and-cuff press

Quadruple rotary collar-and-cuff press: High output for up to 160 shirts/h Both head and buck...

Pony S.P.A. Via G.di Vittorio 8 20065 Inzago (MI) Italy +39 029/54-9901 pony@ponyitaly.com


404 universal form finisher

Shirt and universal form finisher Mod. 404 - with or without boiler Shirt and universal form...

Pony S.P.A. Via G.di Vittorio 8 20065 Inzago (MI) Italy +39 029/54-9901 pony@ponyitaly.com

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