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At Prestolite we consider ourselves specialists in alternators and regulator technology, with 104 years of experience.


The last decade has seen significant changes in alternator technology and the associated regulator technology.

Introduction of exotic irons and permanent magnets into rotor cores have seen up to 40% increase in output versus traditional iron cores.


Dual internal fan alternators offer improved cooling for stator and rectifier assembly, allowing better heat dissipation, increased output and a light weight compact design.



Hairpin stator technology is back.


It’s no secret that more copper in the stator equal more amps, and higher operating efficiency.


Rectangular profiled copper bars (hairpins), similar to that found on starter armature design, allows for maximum gap fill, where as traditional copper wire could not fill the slots in the laminations, leaving air gaps.


Hairpin alternators are not new, Butec produced the A100 alternators in the 1970’s, however the manufacturing of these stators were difficult and expensive.


Advances in manufacturing technology have made the production of hairpin stators a practical, reliable   and   cost   effective   option,   coupled with weight reduction and increased efficiency contributes to vehicle fuel efficiency, ultimately the driving force behind the technology.



The use of hairpin stators yield a 50% increase in output vs the same size conventional coil wound stator (AVI147 vs AVI150). Or in terms of alternator weight, up to 60% reduction of weight.


Prestolite innovation doesn’t stop there. How multiple alternators operate together is more important than the brute force of the alternators.


Some manufacturers operate the first alternator at maximum output before engaging the second and third alternators. This results in one alternator doing most of the work, operating at maximum output and maximum temperature range all the time. The net result being that this no.1 alternator suffers early life failure.


At Prestolite we believe the load should be shared equally between the alternators, relieving the load and temperature pressures on the alternators, resulting in longer alternator life.


To achieve this Prestolite have designed a market leading multi-functional regulator with superior load sharing capability.


A digital, fully programmable regulator, featuring a voltage sense function and negative thermal coefficient to ensure thermal efficiency and protection.


We have implemented this regulator technology across our OE product range and also developed our own regulators for our Aftermarket ranges fitted on our Bosch equivalent NC, NCB, NCB1, NCB2, HD10 alternators, and also in our new Mitsubishi A004T equivalent range.


We are continuously working to innovate and bring you the next generation of charging and starting technology.



Should you have any questions regarding our product ranges or have any special requirements, please contact your Regional Prestolite Sales Manager or our Technical helpline.


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