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DEXIBELL has a creative energy that is born from the desire to enhance the know-how, the talent andexperience of some of the best and most highly regarded Italian designers and engineers.

The team, after 25 years of extraordinary innovation and success with leading brands worldwide, has established a dynamic and motivated workshop with an Italian business ethos.

‘InnovationTradition and Passion Without Compromise’

This ethos allows the amalgamation of the best of classical instruments with modern technological innovations, such as in VIVO, where the sweet notes of a 1850’s piano, Chopin’s favourite piano, are supported by a cutting edge CORTEX-Quadcore electronic brain.

In order to ensure a unique user experience, our App, XMURE, has been developed in close collaboration with an incredible musician with over 40 years of experience, a talented young programmer and a gifted graphic designer.

Rapid and exciting developments in technology have allowed us to achieve goals that were unthinkable until recently. We have questioned rigorously some of the most experienced musicians in order to understand their exact and comprehensive requirements. This will be a continuing practice. The results are processed by our team of engineers and designers in order to achieve the highest quality standards.

Innovation and tradition are two concepts which we consider should not conflict but should, together, work harmoniously.

DEXIBELL is born from the need to create products faithful to the highest expectations of the musicians.

Unlike large corporations, at DEXIBELL we have an agile and dynamic structure: colleagues work closely with each other - designers and engineers, project managers and programmers, marketing and logistics, ... - and it is by working together as one team that we can ensure outstanding design,innovative technology and optimum efficiency.

For us to achieve and maintain the highest quality, our decision was simple. Dexibell is  100% Designed, Engineered andManufactured in Italy using an experienced, fully committed and long-serving workforce where each individual understands fully, the importance of quality control excellence.


Dexibell is a brand of Proel Spa

Range of services

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T2L (True 2 Life) is a new technology specifically created and crafted for pianos which combines the following innovations developed to enhance the responsiveness and accuracy of sound timbre relative to the dynamic articulation of the pianist.


DEXIBELL exceeds the current standard of 16-bit and 44.1 KHz, the standard audio CD reproduction, with the use of higher definition, both in the “waveforms” format and also in the integrated circuit of the conversion from digital to analogue (DAC). 16-bit represents the audio in 65,356 levels, while 24-bit can represent it more widely in 16,777,216 levels, 256 times greater.

The new 24-bit technology together with the 48 KHz sample rate has significantly improved both the frequency response and the dynamic range of audio, compared to all other digital pianos.


At the heart of the DEXIBELL piano lies an incredibly powerful “Quad Core” processor capable of managing 320 digital oscillators. This huge number of oscillators allows for the simulation of all elements, sounds and noises which culminate to model the T2L sound.

The increased polyphony used in Dexibell Pianos contributes to simulate the realistic responsiveness of a real acoustic piano through virtually unlimited polyphony.


Throughout the range of DEXIBELL pianos, the recorded waveform length of each individual note is between 3 and 15 times higher than the equivalent products currently on the market.

A low note on a DEXIBELL piano has an original waveform of 15 seconds. The current average is between 1 and 5 seconds.

The result is astonishing realism and vitality of the harmonics through the evolution of the sound of the held notes.

24 Reverbs Types

Digital Eq + 6 independent DSP effects

Passive subwoofer, far & near field speakers with over 113dB SPL (on H-7 model)

Digital Amp with “multi-band comp”

Variable psychoacoustic equalizer

Bass enhancer

Bluetooth audio streaming

Conform to "ErP VI" level, for the lowest “stand-by” power consumption: less than 0.2W

The audio quality of the DEXIBELL is unquestionable but what is even more astonishing is the interaction the player feels with the instrument. Every subtle nuance is conveyed and channelled from the musicians fingers. Every aspect of the real sound is faithfully reproduced by layering precise and articulate resonances in order to capture every possible interaction with the wood as a living material.


DEXIBELL Via alla Ruenia 37/43 64027 Sant'Omero TE Italy +39 086181241


DEXIBELL Via alla Ruenia 37/43 64027 Sant'Omero TE Italy +39 086181241


DEXIBELL Via alla Ruenia 37/43 64027 Sant'Omero TE Italy +39 086181241


DEXIBELL Via alla Ruenia 37/43 64027 Sant'Omero TE Italy +39 086181241



EIKON is a series of nearfield studio monitors designed by PROEL R&D team in order to provide to...

DEXIBELL Via alla Ruenia 37/43 64027 Sant'Omero TE Italy +39 086181241

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