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  • Klausenerstr. 47
  • 39112 Magdeburg
  • Germany

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About Us

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project: syntropy GmbH (Magdeburg/D) develops technologies and solutions for professional Simulation- and Training Environments, interactive, immersive attractions as well as multimedia experiences.

The company is partner for users of professional simulations as well as for themed entertainment, brand experiences, leisure parks, science centers, events, trade shows, museums and exhibitions.

project: syntropy is a solution provider and integrator in the following areas


  • Simulation and Training

  • Virtual-, Augmented- and Mixed Reality

  • Display and Projection Systems

  • Media Technology, Media Façades and Show Control

  • Event-Engineering


We offer modular solutions for applications such as

We develop complex, highly scalable and flexible display systems and immersive simulation- and training environments featuring dedicated auto-calibration tools.

The systems are either customized turnkey solutions or available for replacement, optimization or procurement of single components of a display system.

project: syntropy plans and implements the complete display solutions: from warping & blending hardware to projectors and screens.

We furthermore plan, develop and integrate additional components for virtual training and simulation environments e.g. virtual reality trackingsystems, rendering hard-/software, and complete flight-, driving- and entertainment simulators with vibration- and/or motion platform.


  • Auto-calibration and auto-alignment systems (also integrated in 3rd party software and hardware, media servers, projectors, graphics boards, warp & blend solutions etc.)

  • fulldome cinema, digital planetarium, power walls, production of 2D/3D (fulldome) content

  • display systems for simulation, training and entertainment

  • fulldome systems for flying theatres

  • visual solutions for entertainment motion simulators and dark rides

  • augmented and virtual showcases and presentation systems

  • SYNtouch multiuser and multitouch enabled interactive tables, walls, floors

  • SYNtouch RADAR laser-based interactive Solution for any non-interactive display or projection


Range of services

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1. Next generation immersive entertainment and fulldomes for flying theatres

project: syntropy provides fullservice for your fulldome or planetarium project from concept development, movie consulting, design to installation as well as technical and event support.

State-of-the-art dome structures for modular fulldome cinema and flight theatre systems with scalable projection (from 3,5m to 50m, up to 720°, 2D, 3D or real-time 3D, up to 7K Video, Stereoscopic) are available.


2.® – ProjectionTools

The main focus of the technology is the automated calibration of display system using a camera based approach. The toolset includes one or more fully controllable cameras with calibrated optics and a sophisticated calibration software. Our system automatically calibrates arbitrary screen set-ups without any additional requirements (marker points, LED grids etc.). It supports almost all available media servers, image generators and warp & blend hardware.

The system is easy to use, is addressed to system integrators and manufacturers of display systems as well as a service (calibration) and for integration into entertainment, simulation and training facilities.

·       ProjectionTools Pro AV is recommended for measurement of media installation visuals

·       ProjectionTools Pro Sim is recommended for measurement of simulation & training visuals

·       ProjectionTools AutoAlignment offers automated re-alignment of calibrated visuals


3. SYNtouch Multitouch Multiuser Solution

SYNtouch systems - the most flexible professional interactive Multitouch Multi-User solution based on many years of experience in development and projects in the professional AV-, Multimedia- and integration market of interactive electronic systems!

We provide customized multitouch and multi-user hardware and software according to your requirements, whether you are looking for a single-projector multitouch-table, a multitouch-bar, a round-table or a -wall up or for a larger multi-projector installation, we manufacture it.


4. SYNtouch RADAR – based interactive display technology

With SYNtouch RADAR any kind of projection system can be made interactive without the necessity to touch the screen: a dome, a rear projection, a front projection, a plasma- or LCD-display or -wall, an LED wall, a Cube wall... An unlimited number of multitouch gestures and touch points are supported like zoom in/out, swipe etc. Sensors can be combined to make large projected surfaces multi-user capable.


ProjectionTools Pro AV® ProjectionTools is the most versatile automatic display / projection calibration...

project: syntropy GmbH Klausenerstr. 47 39112 Magdeburg Germany +49 391 63606644


SYNtouch RADAR by project: syntropy

SYNtouch RADAR SYNtouch RADAR turns ANY non-interactive projection system into an interactive...

project: syntropy GmbH Klausenerstr. 47 39112 Magdeburg Germany +49 391 63606644


Immersive Entertainment Fulldome

project: syntropy (Germany - Sweden - China - South Korea) develops immersive interactive...

project: syntropy GmbH Klausenerstr. 47 39112 Magdeburg Germany +49 391 63606644


Media Based Attractions

project: syntropy has left footprints almost everywhere in the world where immersive systems are...

project: syntropy GmbH Klausenerstr. 47 39112 Magdeburg Germany +49 391 63606644

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