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Ramina patented Airlay-S has been designed to produce a fibrous mat with various mixtures of fibers: synthetic, natural and/or recycled and can be used on different applications in the automotive, in the filtration, in the sound-proofing and in the building & construction industries.

Airlay-S can treat any type of fiber, with length between 20 and 100 mm and minimum granulometry 2 mm.

PP bicompenent-fibers only can be used for bonding (no powder components like EVA, phenolic resins, etc.)

To obtain an homogeneous and perfectly bonded product, using fibers chemically and physically different with incompatible compositions as rice husk, polyurethane, grinded polystirene, grinded corianders of resin-bonded nonwoven, and so on, it is important to take care of the raw materials preparation.

Technical data:


  • Basic weight: 500 – 6.000 g/m2

  • Product density: 20 – 180 kg/m3

  • Product width: 2400 – 3400 mm

  • Product thickness: 20 – 200 mm

  • Hourly production: 1.000–3000 kg/h

  • Working speed: 1 - 12 m/min

  • Processed materials: synthetic, natural, virgin and recycled fibres


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Ramina S.r.l.

Via Regina Elena 49
35010 Grantorto (PD)


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Machine composition:

  • Motorized and clothed introduction cylinder on inlet side
  • 2 Motorized and clothed introduction cylinders on outlet side
  • Air recirculation with fans, input is tangential to the main cylinder
  • Opening-blending cylinder
  • Bent lower conveyor belt, wire in synthetic mesh
  • Upper conveyor belt with automatic vertical movement
  • The double pneumatic feeding ensures an excellent regularity of transversal density, and allows use of a wide range of physically immiscible fibrous compositions and mixtures.
  • Product formation takes place in a depressurized room, adjustable from 20 mm to 300 mm allowing production of a wide range of products with different basic weights and densities.
  • The machine places the fibers, along the mat thickness, in a S form, strongly increasing the longitudinal strength of the material
  • The weighing scale weighs the product and continuously adjusts the flow

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