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This lighted decorative arch celebrates arts and crafts, the epitome of which is the art of traditional watchmaking with its centers in the Black Forest for Cuckoo Clocks and in Glashuette/ Saxony for watches. Beauty has been combined with practicality for which reason a functional clock was inserted to endow upon this arch a real value apart from it being a unique room decoration throughout the year. Thirteen clocks have been implemented by hand into this arch in addition to the functional clock at the top. The mechanic, equipped with glasses and a lens, wears a felt apron and is surrounded by different tools and utensils. The salesman displays different styles of clocks, from a wrist clock to various makes of cuckoo clocks. Electric lights skillfully placed between the arches make the rooms and windows shine in a beautiful light.

This lighted arch can be used beyond a typical Christmas decoration from Germany throughout the whole year. It is has been made with wood from beech and birch trees by craftspeople of Germany’s Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) who are known for high-quality, detailed woodcarving

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Technical details:

  • 3D Light arch with indirect illumination
  • size ca. 43 x 30 cm/ 17 x 12 inch (WxH)
  • with a functional and battery operated clock
  • 2 lathed figurines with tools and utensils and 13 different clocks
  • Made of wood from birch and beech
  • can be fitted for 230 Volts/  110 Volts/ 100 Volts

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