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  • Rehmstraße 4
  • 86161 Augsburg
  • Germany

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raum12 from Augsburg creates unique lamps with real wood veneer shades.

raum12 – the brand for unique, high-class lamps. Lamps which have a very special way of bringing out the effect of wood as a natural material. Consisting of light and wood, raum12 lamps are genuine works of art, captivating the eye of the beholder and working magic on the ambiance. Eye-catchers even when not illuminated, raum12 lamps give off a truly fascinating light when switched on. 



Each raum12 lamp is a unique, handcrafted work of art made of a veneer tube. No two lamps are the same since each sheet of wood veneer is the only one of its kind. Natural figures  ̶  containing waves and swirls, lines, circles, small knotholes and natural inclusions  ̶  invite the beholder to simply pause and enjoy. Some figures appear like landscapes or seascapes, while others contain suggestions of certain patterns or shapes.

The light brings out the uniqueness of each individual veneer as nature’s work of art. It captivates the eye of the beholder [FM1] and emanates a very special effect: a warm luminosity which is fascinatingly [FM2] beautiful, magical, exciting and relaxing all at once.



The creation of a raum12 lamp always begins with the careful selection of the rare material from which it is made: interesting, lively and multifaceted real wood veneers which raum12 seeks out directly from the wood merchant. Apart from the wood’s special figures, its translucence and size are central criteria when selecting a veneer. Some larger sizes are created through mirroring or joining veneers together.

Razor-thin veneer sheets are shaved off the wood and finished with a special carrier material before being given their desired form. They are then polished with the most finely grained abrasive and treated with linseed oil to finish the noble veneer tubes. This whole process gives the raum12 real wood veneers their unique and stunning translucence.

Range of services

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Floor lamps – pendant lamps – table lamps in various designs

Development, design and production of special orders

Customised lamps according to your specific ideas and requirements

All models available with a variety of hand-chosen veneers and wood types  ̶  Can be individually configured from light to dark, from expressively grained to very quiet structures


Floor lamps

With its long, slender veneer tube, each raum12 floor lamp is beautifully elegant and creates a...

raum12 GbR Rehmstraße 4 86161 Augsburg Germany +49 172/8664340 c.leitschuh@raum12.de


Pendant lamps

Sleekly designed and extremely versatile thanks to their range of sizes, our pendant lamps give off...

raum12 GbR Rehmstraße 4 86161 Augsburg Germany +49 172/8664340 c.leitschuh@raum12.de


Table lamps

As with all raum12 lamps, both the design and the construction are fully geared towards lighting up...

raum12 GbR Rehmstraße 4 86161 Augsburg Germany +49 172/8664340 c.leitschuh@raum12.de


Floor lamp LUM

Our LUM floor lamp, with its long, delicate veneer tube, is an elegant luminary which adds...

raum12 GbR Rehmstraße 4 86161 Augsburg Germany +49 172/8664340 c.leitschuh@raum12.de

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