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For over 60 years, Red Arrow has been continually developing solutions for the meat, fish and processed food industries. These years of research and development has resulted in a variety of unique condensed natural smokes, browning agents, grill flavors, “Flavors from the kitchen” , and specialized application equipment for any food processing need.

Red Arrow has become the leader in modern, sustainable g technology by combining the skills of a highly educated team of Food Scientists, Master Meat Specialists and Equipment Engineers to meet the demands of food processors and manufacturers around the world.

Our worldwide network of distributors is supported by the Red Arrow International team located in strategic markets around the globe. We are dedicated to assisting our customer base with on-site service for product development, smoking trials and equipment installations. Our team, located in Asia Europe, Latin America, and the United States, is focused on helping our customers become more profitable while assisting them in creating high quality and environmentally friendly products for consumers.

Range of services

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Red Arrow excels at helping smoked food processors convert their old sawdust or wood chip smoking methods to modern smoking technologies with safe purified natural smoke condensates. The cleaned smoke condensates can be used to regenerate a smoke cloud with the Tarber Smoke Master which is widely recognized as the most advanced smoking system in the world, or showered onto a meat product with Red Arrow’s specialized application equipment.

Red Arrow is also the leader in browning technology.  Our Natural Browning Agents assist manufacturers with products that provide desired surface browning with shortened processing times at lower temperatures for cost-effective browning solutions..

Red Arrow's “Flavors from the Kitchen” offer current and potential customers specialty flavors for processed food applications. The unique flavors capture the traditional cooking styles and authentic taste consumers crave such as fried, roasted, toasted, and sautéed profiles.   

Our Non-GMO Grill Flavors add a natural grill taste to many food and meat products.  We offer customers unique grill flavors to match the particular type of grilling method desired, such as charcoal, gas, or wood fired grilling. These unique grill flavors can also add distinct flavor profiles such as smoky, ashy, scorched, or charred.


SmokEz Enviro

The World's leading smoke condensate, manufactured naturally from the safest and most...

Red Arrow International 54221-0755 Manitowoc, WI USA +1 920/7691100


SmokEz 5003

Red Arrow's SmokEz 5003 is a natural browning agent which when applied to a food surface and reacted...

Red Arrow International 54221-0755 Manitowoc, WI USA +1 920/7691100


Smoky Bacon Flavor RA07048

Our most Smoky, reminisent of burnt, crispy bacon edges.

Red Arrow International 54221-0755 Manitowoc, WI USA +1 920/7691100


Grillin' SD-10 GF

Grillin' SD-10 GF provides a well-balanced, smooth, right-off-the-grill flavor. 

Red Arrow International 54221-0755 Manitowoc, WI USA +1 920/7691100


All Natural Smoke Flavors for Clean Label Needs!

Natural Hardwood Smoked Sugar RA12003 - provides an excellent smoke flavor, can be labled as Natural...

Red Arrow International 54221-0755 Manitowoc, WI USA +1 920/7691100

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