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  • Italy


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With 70 years of innovation, research, and technological excellence, EFI Reggiani (which includes the Reggiani Macchine, Mezzera, and Jaeggli brands) is a worldwide provider of complete solutions for the textile market, with a focus on the development of sustainable processes. With the high quality and performance of its machines and outstanding service to its customers, today EFI Reggiani is the premiere manufacturer of traditional and digital printing machines and pre-post treatment machines (such as washing systems, bleaching, dyeing, etc.).

EFI Reggiani delivers an overall solution for the whole textile process, starting from yarn treatment to fabric printing and finishing. EFI Reggiani designs, manufactures, sells, and services high-quality machines across the globe for a wide variety of substrates and applications (fashion, home textile, sportswear, signage, flooring, automotive, and outdoor). EFI Reggiani’s innovations are the result of extensive research targeted to improve productivity and quality, optimize the textile manufacturing process, and reduce energy and water consumption, as well as environmental impact.

EFI Reggiani has a worldwide network of local agents, distributors, and after-sales service centers in crucial markets, allowing for efficient, timely, and effective support to customers.

The experience, the human resources, and technological innovations that EFI Reggiani brings to the market today make EFI Reggiani a leader for development, growth, and approach to the textile manufacturing sector.

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EFI Reggiani includes:


Thanks to the well-known quality and performance of its machines and the excellent service to its customers, today REGGIANI MACCHINE is, definitely, the leading manufacturer of textile printing machines that better represents the “Made in Italy” success all around the world. With an experience of 70 years, REGGIANI designs and manufactures in Italy, sells and services high quality textile printing machines (flat bed, rotary and digital) for fashion, home textile, sportswear, soft signage, flooring & decoration, automotive and outdoor applications all over the world.


MEZZERA has designed and developed all kinds of wet finishing treatments, cooperating with major international partners and is well known in the world of wet treatment thanks to its pre-treatment, after printing and dyeing lines. Today MEZZERA is the leader in the Italian market for the continuous washing, bleaching, mercerizing and dyeing plants for any kind of fabrics (knitted and woven). Moreover MEZZERA during the last 10 years has become the leader in denim dyeing and finishing treatments.


The world leading company specialized for a century in the yarn mercerizing technology. An incessant research allows the development of process technology suitable to get the best and most uniform results in the easiest way, improving the brilliancy, the strength, the dimensional stability and the dyeing affinity of the yarns, absolutely required for the top quality goal in fashion sector and also traditional export-oriented textile products.



Technologies for open width fabric dyeing Dis-continuous treatment of open-width fabrics With...

Reggiani Macchine S.p.A. Via Zanica 17/O 24050 Grassobbio (BG) Italy +39 035 3844511


ReNOIR Digital Printing Platform

Reggiani has designed the ideal solution for all applications, all inks and all substrates with a...

Reggiani Macchine S.p.A. Via Zanica 17/O 24050 Grassobbio (BG) Italy +39 035 3844511


NEXT Digital Printing Machine for Printing

The NEXT revolution of the species. EFI Reggiani’s first entry-level industrial beltless digital...

Reggiani Macchine S.p.A. Via Zanica 17/O 24050 Grassobbio (BG) Italy +39 035 3844511



Preparation: the backbone of the dyehouse The fabric preparation for dyeing, printing or full...

Reggiani Macchine S.p.A. Via Zanica 17/O 24050 Grassobbio (BG) Italy +39 035 3844511



The Concord represents the ideal improvement in the field of textile machines for the treatment of...

Reggiani Macchine S.p.A. Via Zanica 17/O 24050 Grassobbio (BG) Italy +39 035 3844511

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