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Regin AB is a Swedish owned company that has been working with the development of products for energy efficiency in buildings since 1947. The product range includes everything from products for HVAC applications to advanced SCADA systems for intelligent building automation. Today Regin has offices in more than 14 countries in Europe and Asia and exports products to more than 90 countries. Product development is conducted inhouse by developers in Sweden, Germany and Italy, all of whom are highly specialized in their fields.  AB Regin works through a global partner network of system integrators who, on request, can present numerous reference projects almost anywhere in the world. Regin AB considers itself the company that takes building automation personally meaning that the partner strategy is one of the core elements for success. The partner network is central for the client driven development and members are offered close cooperation, marketing and dedicated support.

Range of services

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We can offer one of the broadest product ranges for building automation available. For us it’s all about making sure our customers can use our product range to create comfort and energy savings, worldwide – no matter the heating source or the type of building.


A complete and powerful SCADA system for the EXO system. EXOscada enables an operator to monitor and control system processes using a modern and intuitive interface, as well as to handle alarms and

display historical values using reports and diagrams. The built-in report generator enables the creation of advanced reports.

The built in configuration tools makes it easy to create user-friendly views in EXOscada. The huge library

containing graphic symbols and SCADA images simplifies work even further. EXOscada also supports

animated symbols and offers many options for configuring the SCADA design according to your personal


EXO controllers

All EXO controllers are fully software compatible and are programmed using EXOdesigner, a PC-based

development environment. The compatibility also applies across product generations, which means you

only need to learn one programming tool and are free to change controllers in a system without having to

rewrite all programs.

Controller Builder – Graphical programming without limitations

Controller Builder is an integrated function that makes it easy to construct a system in EXOdesigner. An

extensive library of functions is available. Controller Builder provides increased effiiency and speed with

maintained flxibility. The function is compatible with all other parts of the EXO system.


The EXOflex controllers are primarily intended for use in systems with a large number of I/Os and high

demands on communication and adaptability.


The EXOcompact controllers are perfect for stand-alone applications, e.g. zone control, control of heating

and air handling units, as well as for system integration. They have a powerful processor and are available

in three sizes with 8, 15 or 28 I/Os, with or without display.


EXOdos is primarily intended for use in installations with a limited number of I/O:s, placing a high

importance on a freely programmable, compact controller providing both communication capabilities

and high performance. EXOdos can be used either as a stand-alone unit or together with other EXO

products as part of a larger automation system.


ExIgo / EXOdos

EXOdos is our range of freely programmable controllers for cases when the need for 230V power supply...

Regin AB Haynauer Str. 49 12249 Berlin Germany +49 30/77994-19


Corrigo / EXOcompact

The flexible controller for ventilation applications in large buildings For control of air...

Regin AB Haynauer Str. 49 12249 Berlin Germany +49 30/77994-19


Regio Midi

Control and monitoring of room temperature, air quality, humidity, lighting and blinds ...

Regin AB Haynauer Str. 49 12249 Berlin Germany +49 30/77994-19

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