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LED Pendant Luminaire alvia by Regiolux:

A Weightless Aesthetic Appearance

The pendant luminaire alvia by Regiolux offers innovative LED technology in an extremely flat luminaire housing. Designed by Büro Busse Design+Engineering, the pendant luminaire shows LED technology to best advantage. The elegant design of the aluminium case with its rounded sides only requires 22 mm of visible overall height. Nevertheless, the luminaire is a real power bundle with its almost 10,000 lm "on board". Design and extraordinary LED light technology combined create an elegant, weightless aesthetic appearance in the room.

The alvia LED is fitted with powerful LED modules, which achieve a high efficiency ratio of up to 106 lm/W. Thanks to a precise and high-quality light direction via a micro prismatic lens, it reaches a light output of nearly 10,000 lm and a luminaire efficiency of 94 percent. Compared to a pendant luminaire with T5 technology, this luminaire partly achieves energy savings of up to 50 percent. For computer workstations, it provides anti-glare shielding in compliance with the current standard DIN-EN 12464-1. In doing so, one luminaire is more than sufficient for two workstations. The high-quality LED has good colour rendering properties (Ra > 80) and even frequent and fast switching, e.g. via a sensor, is not a problem. Therefore, alvia offers ideal possibilities for a balanced, ergonomic room lighting.

One of alvia's special features is the light reflection, which dances on the micro prismatic lens and thereby impressively puts the luminaire in the limelight. Additionally, the LED modules along the upper side illuminate the ceiling beautifully. The amount of direct and indirect light of the alvia model is separately dimmable - with the help of two built-in drivers in the luminaire. And the alvia family also welcomes some new members: Variations with glowing side lines. Thermal management ensures a long life of the LED, by providing a passive, fan-less cooling which is integrated in the housing construction. Matching the pendant luminaire, there is an LED wall-mounted light for efficient and accurate lighting, for example in corridors. Further information at


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