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For more than 65 years, the Revox name has stood for audio products of the highest technical perfection. Products such as the legendary Revox A77 reel-to-reel tape machine, which even after decades, is still seen as a milestone for top-quality audiophilia. This tradition continues today with a modular, upgradable technology concept. Then as now, Revox develops visionary and future oriented products which stand out like a shining beacon in the gloom of mass market mediocrity.

The most advanced technology is only of benefit if it serves the user. The unique Revox system offers its owner a maximum of functionality and design freedom, with a minimum of operating effort. A uniform, intuitive operating concept, where the most important functions can be called at the press of a single button, combined with a consistent, modular construction of the complete system, make the user the master of his own entertainment. Today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

It has always been special to be the owner of a Revox product. And, thanks to an awesome range of excellent speakers in many different sizes and power ranges, which offer impressive design or the subtlety to blend in with their surroundings, exclusive sound solutions can be designed to meet individual tastes. With the Revox Multiroom System, users can control their entertainment to match their personal desires – in the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen. Enjoy your own individual audio and video world, with exclusive design, brilliant pictures and excellent sound. Whenever you want. And wherever you want.

The completely authentic reproduction of natural sound is the ideal that has defined the Revox brand from the start. Countless international prizes that have been awarded to Revox audio equipment over the decades bear witness to the fact that the company has always remained true to this ideal. With its synthesis of forward-looking technologies, visionary operator concept and excellent sound, the Revox audio/video system enjoys a unique global position today. Right up to the current day, the Revox name stands for unparalleled musical enjoyment of the highest technical level.

Range of services

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Renowned for its unique design and ingeniously constructed products, the Revox brand offers the ultimate in multi-system compatibility, adhering to the simple underlying philosophy that whatever the function, whatever the technology, anything is possible. Pivotal to this Revox philosophy is a drive to create no-fuss, minimalistic solutions, unique the world over in terms of technological edge and unparalleled Revox professionalism. Revox: putting function and fascination into entertainment.

Multiroom pioneers

Revox' core competence lies today in the Multiroom/Multiuser systems distributing music throughout the house, integratable into modern building management systems and controllable with the single press of a button in best possible audio quality. Already in the early 80ies Revox was considered a pioneer in the field of Multiroom. Decades of know how leave their mark in the technological innovations of Revox to date.

Audio systems with a future

Another focus in the Revox business activities lies on audiophile Hifi systems with an - thanks to materials like aluminium and real glass - utterly significant and timeless design. Modern and classic sources are combined in the innovative Revox hifi systems and provide for an excellent music pleasure with straight sound and voice reproduction. Turn your home into a concert hall.

Competence in sound

Revox has been developing speaker systems that deliver extraordinary sound experiences for over 40 years. And the goal has always been to get as close to the original as possible. To start with we look at the system as a whole and then we break it down into the details: The speaker chassis, the shape and capacity of the housings and the configuration of the crossover network are matched perfectly to each other. It is only by doing it this way that a speaker can be created that delivers an authentic reproduction, produces an impressive sound and makes listening to music an unbeatable sensual experience.

Our experts who develop speakers at Revox know all the parameters when it comes to the optimum design of a speaker as well as a musician knows his instrument. Right from the start, Revox has followed a path of continuous development and over the years, has built up an outstanding level of competence.

Today's speaker portfolio ranges from elegant floorstanding speakers, practical shelf speakers, restrained wall and ceiling installation speakers to a completely invisible sound solution.


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Revox GmbH Am Krebsgraben 15 78048 Villingen-Schwenningen Germany +49 7721/8704-0


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Revox GmbH Am Krebsgraben 15 78048 Villingen-Schwenningen Germany +49 7721/8704-0

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