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The (connected) world is talking about the digital transformation, which is changing our future and every part of society. At Robotina, we have decided not only to take part in it, but to actively contribute to the digital transformation of our business and support our partners in doing the same. A simple decision, taken back in early 2014, meant that we had to transform ourselves first. We had to reinvent ourselves and analyze and optimize our business models. This, sometimes painful, process triggered a transformation, which helped us to rediscover the startup mentality and energy at the company that is 25 years old or young as I see it. Not being a startup means that we can combine the innovation and dynamism of a startup with the quality, processes, reliability and strength of an established company with international experience. We have taken our experience in industrial, building and infrastructure automation and projected it into the IoT world thus obtaining unique, highly reliable and flexible product lines that combine the versatility of the IoT and the reliability of industrial controllers. Similarly, our IT and SCADA experience resulted in a highly competitive Cloud platform, which combines real time communication with the IoT, a transaction system with embedded business models, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We believe in partnerships. Together we can be faster and better and the last two years have proven it. Alone we could never have built a whole network of water monitoring stations in Slovenia as we did together with the ARSO (Slovenian Environment Agency) or have more than five hundred (in August 2016) Cloud connected Neostore energy storage and management systems in five countries. We would surely not have delivered a smart community project done for HITACHI Chemicals to Speyer and, finally, our partner Imdaad could not have been awarded for the best FM technological implementation of 2016 in the UAE without our technology, services and transformation. 

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Our vision is to become one of the leading providers of SMART CONNECTED solutions, components and platforms, which will contribute to new models of a connected society. Robotina provides products and technologies for the integration of real world with real time information to optimize control and regulations: Cybrotech control system and SMIP Cloud platform. Our products and solutions are implemented in industries, smart cities, smart homes, infrastructure and energy management with energy storage and smart grids (EMS). We provide real time artificial intelligence integrated with business processes.


HIQ eStore

HIQ eStore is an energy storage solution and a part of our All-in-One energy management system for...

Robotina d.o.o. OIC - Hrpelje 38 6240 Kozina Slovenia +386 56892020


Building Management

Smart building is an upgrade of the automBated building. The comfort or well-being in a building is...

Robotina d.o.o. OIC - Hrpelje 38 6240 Kozina Slovenia +386 56892020


Energy Management

Renewable energy exploitation is a key to the environmental and energetic sustainability in Europe...

Robotina d.o.o. OIC - Hrpelje 38 6240 Kozina Slovenia +386 56892020


HIQ – The native smart home

Home automation is becoming one of the biggest opportunities for IoT based technologies but too...

Robotina d.o.o. OIC - Hrpelje 38 6240 Kozina Slovenia +386 56892020

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