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For more than 90 years RUDOLFhas been a family-owned business. Based on this tradition, a worldwide operating group of companies with more than 20 subsidiaries and ca. 30 representations with headquarters in Geretsried (near Munich) arose.

Approximately 500 raw materials are processed to more than 500 different sales products. Our customer focus is our strength. We develop optimum solutions for each individual requirement. Extensive and competent service to make the integration of our solutions into your processes as easy as possible - even at your site.

As a supplier we are a solidly integrated part of the worldwide textile finishing industry. We focus on the customer-oriented development of new textile auxiliaries and speciality chemicals.

Range of services

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We offer technologies for the entire textile production chain to our customers. Our products are used as textile auxiliaries for pretreatment, dyeing, finishing, coating as well as textile prints. The textile production chain incorporates 4 different fields:

Sizing – producing without friction

Sizing systems by RUDOLFenable a frictionless production in the mills. Our solutions guarantee the productivity of mills as well as textile quality.


Pretreatment – for a gleaming white

Reproducible cleanliness, optimum absorptive properties and gleaming white are the bases that have to be ensured by pretreatment to run flawless processes, such as dyeing. Economically and ecologically optimised auxiliaries and processes by RUDOLFhelp to surely achieve this goal.


Dyeing – colours that will never fade

Dyeings of captivating brilliance, levelness and highest fastness properties are obtained with state-of-the-art dyeing auxiliaries and time-optimised processes by RUDOLF

Finishing – Added value by function

Finishing confers functional additional value to textiles. For example ecologically optimised water-repellent properties with BIONIC-FINISH® ECOfor functional jackets, moisture-absorbing softness for towels with RUCOFIN®or antimicrobial properties for medical textiles with SILVERPLUS®.With these and many other technologies RUDOLFoffers intelligent solutions to many every-day problems.


The coating department of Rudolf Group is specialized in tailor made coating products.

Also available are compounds like RUCO-COAT FRP (flame retardant), RUCO-COAT DOT(abrasive cleaning) or RUCO-COAT TCC(Outdoor-Tablecloth). 



SILVERPLUS® The SILVERPLUS®technology profitably uses the hygiene and freshness effect of the...

RUDOLF GmbH Altvaterstrasse 58-64 82538 Geretsried Germany +49 8171/53-0



®RUCO-GUARD C6 Fluorocarbon products based on C6 chemistry replace the hitherto fluoro chemistry....

RUDOLF GmbH Altvaterstrasse 58-64 82538 Geretsried Germany +49 8171/53-0



HYBRIDTEX®: Conditioning the human body is significantly based on two functions, heating and...

RUDOLF GmbH Altvaterstrasse 58-64 82538 Geretsried Germany +49 8171/53-0



Versatile product systems oft he HYDROCOOL®family brand enable the intelligent functionalisation of...

RUDOLF GmbH Altvaterstrasse 58-64 82538 Geretsried Germany +49 8171/53-0



The RUCO-FLAMassortment of FR products offers versatile solutions for the fulfillment of diverse...

RUDOLF GmbH Altvaterstrasse 58-64 82538 Geretsried Germany +49 8171/53-0

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