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  • Lange Amerikaweg 89 Postbus 558
  • 7300 AN Apeldoorn
  • Netherlands

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About Us

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At Ruys Vloeren (i.e. Ruys Flooring), we realise only too well that your industrial floor plays a crucial role in achieving an efficiently run business operation. Actually, you only get one chance to get it right.

Thus, choosing the right floor in the right place is essential for obtaining long-term operational benefits. To get it right from the start, Ruys Vloeren offers several proven flooring solutions all of which are installed by our 40 craftsmen with over 35 years of experience. Why not take advantage of our experience and expertise. Together we can analyse your production processes to determine the optimal flooring system, providing you with a trouble-free floor over the long-term.

Ruys Vloeren uniquely offers:



  • knowhow and experience;

  • constructive participation in your decision process;

  • solution-oriented thinking; and

  • a total solution


(built-in sloping, toppings, wall protection, and drainage systems).

In short, Ruys Vloeren is a partner where you can place your industrial flooring needs in safe and experienced hands.

Range of services

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Custom solutions

When you’re looking for the perfect industrial floor, Ruys Vloeren in Apeldoorn is the place to be. Here, you’ll find a wide range of durable floors that support the efficient running of any business operation. The range includes highquality screed floors and related products for the food industry, heavy industry and the logistics industry, among others. As the company offers various floor systems, each of which has its own unique qualities, Ruys Vloeren gives you the right floor in the right place. Working with such a broad product range, Ruys Vloeren is able to provide a total solution that is tailor-made. Every day, the company’s 40 specialists provide custom advice and install floors, applying their expertise and experience. Which is what you want, because this job has to be done right first time!

Forty years’ experience

Given this level of professionalism, it only makes sense that customers have been relying on the services of Ruys Vloeren for more than 40 years. The company’s strength lies in its staff of experienced specialists and the breadth of its product range. To date, Ruys Vloeren’s staff have installed quality floors in more than 20 countries for numerous industries, for both new builds and renovation projects. As this suggests, enduring customer satisfaction is very important to Ruys Vloeren. When starting a project, the company is always keen to help customers with ideas to achieve the optimum total solution in floor finishing.

Total picture from A to Z

Advisory role

Ruys Vloeren has years of experience of both renovation work and new builds.

Giving good advice is a job Ruys Vloeren takes seriously. By thinking collaboratively with the customer from the outset and suggesting practical solutions, Ruys Vloeren ensures that customers are spared any surprises. The company’s experts are able to provide correct and complete advice because they first familiarise themselves with the customer’s production process.

Total solutions

As well as the advisory role described above, customers of Ruys Vloeren are impressed by the total solutions the company offers. Besides installing high-quality floors, Ruys Vloeren carries out any necessary demolition and grinding work, and its product range includes stainless steel drains, gutters, wall protection and bump curbs. The team at Ruys Vloeren tackle each project with the care they would devote to their own premises. They prefer to think in terms of solutions, not problems. Before any installation, Ruys Vloeren invests a great deal of time in surveying the situation, advising, preparing, working up ideas together with the customer and planning.



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